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Factors to generate the demand for mortgage products of bank on the retail landing market and their evaluation

Sinyakova E.V. Alfa-Bank, Tyumen, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #1, 2020

Subject The article considers demand for mortgage products of banks.
Objectives The aim is to define determinants of demand generation for mortgage products in the individual lending market, and ways of their evaluation.
Methods I apply principles of interdisciplinary analysis, methods of comparison, description, observation, generalization, and expert evaluation.
Results The study identifies and systematizes factors affecting the consumer behavior of the country's population in relation to the mortgage lending programs offered by banks. It offers a method to assess the identified factors, which enables to determine the significance of a particular factor in the decision-making system by an individual when choosing a creditor bank for the purpose of home equity lending.
Conclusions The paper unveils key factors of demand for mortgage products. It formulates methods for these factors evaluation, which help banks to fully understand the needs of potential consumers, adequately and timely respond to changes in these needs, thereby improving their competitive advantages in this segment, and providing desirable conditions for mortgage lending. The findings can be used by any financial organization that provides housing mortgage lending services to the population. State authorities may also use the findings to plan programs for providing the population with housing and increasing housing access through mortgages.

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