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Top priorities of innovative business development in terms of technological innovations

Gumerova G.I. Doctor of Science, Economics, associate professor, Academy of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation ( )

Shaymiev E.Sh. Cand. Sc. (Economics), assistant professor, Institute for economics, management and law of Kazan

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #6, 2009

The research in innovative activity of industrial business focuses on the analysis of technological innovations, their development dynamics in the Russian business. Technological innovations are surely the core of the innovative development of the country, they ensure technological security and form the top priorities of innovative development. According to statistics digest, technological innovations are a net result of innovative activity.

Analysis of factors influencing technological innovations for formation of hi-tech regions on basis of economical and statistical modeling: strategic direction of modernization of industry

Gumerova G.I. Doctor of Economics, Professor, the Department of Management of Innovative Projects, the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation ( )

Shaymiev E.SH. PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor, the Department of Management, the Institute of Economy, Management and Law, Kazan ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #23, 2013

In the article the factors influencing technological innovations in low, - average and hi-tech levels of the industry on the basis of economical and statistical modeling are investigated. The model of management by technological innovations for modernization of the regional industry is created. Value of a role of sector of «untied» services for development of the hi-tech region is confirmed. Priorities of modernization of the industry are defined.

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