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An economic and theoretical study of the category of financing: Issues of forming a single content framework environment

Poltoradneva N.L. Omsk State Transport University, Omsk, Russian Federation ( )

Savrasova D.V. Omsk Branch of Financial University under Government of Russian Federation, Omsk, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #11, 2018

Subject This article explores the Financing category and its numerous definitions introduced by different authors who use different approaches to defining this category.
Objectives The article aims to obtain an unambiguous interpretation of the term of Financing on the basis of analysis and generalization of separate parts of definitions of the investigated category. This is necessary to systematize the content of the term, maximize its essence and simplify its use in theoretical and practical research.
Methods For the study, we used the economic, linguistic, comparative, and logical approaches.
Results The article presents our own position concerning the category under study. It is manifested in the fact that Financing means the provision of financial resources by the owner to the beneficiary on a fee or fee-free basis to achieve a positive economic and/or social impact. The original interpretation of the category of Financing is the most complete definition from the standpoint of logic rules.
Conclusions and Relevance We have put forward a hypothesis that all the investigated definitions have different forms of introduction, but are identical in content. The article concludes that all the concepts presented in the considered definitions are synonymous with each other. The results of the study can be used by students, postgraduates and professors of economic universities, as well as other experts in the field of finance for further scientific developments on this and related topics, develop legislation, and resolve problems arising when applying the term.

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