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Socio-economic stability as a fundamental national interest of Russia during the decay of the unipolar world order

Rubanik V.E. Financial University under Government of Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #9, 2018

Importance The article examines the specifics of determining, formulating and serving Russia's national interests during the decay of the unipolar world order.
Objectives In this research, I trace common trends, patterns and distinctions in the development of the socio-economic, governmental and political life in Russia during the decay of the unipolar world order in comparison with global and regional processes. I determine the most vital national interests of Russia.
Methods I adhere to key principles and conclusions of socio-deterministic epistemology of social and national phenomena, dialectic, systems and functional approach to their study. I introduce criteria of unbiased approach, compliance with the truth, historical truth, logic, sequence, unity of logic and history.
Results I substantiate and prove that socio-economic stability of the public and State is a key national interest of Russia today, when the unipolar world order subsides. It depends on a real defensive capacity of the country contributing to a kind of military shield protecting the country from external effects. This requires an economic model of the society, which would be as autonomous as possible.
Conclusions and Relevance In today's Russia, the ruling class should admit the unity of collective and national interests so that negative phenomena could be overwhelmed to ensure the national security. It will help protect the Russian civilization. The conclusions and principles herein can contribute to improvement of the existing model of strategic and systemic decision, outlining the national security strategy and a set of measures to implement it, choosing actions to recover the reputation of the Russian political and business elite.

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