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Formation and development of regional system of agricultural credit consumer cooperation

Rezvyakova E.A. Graduate Student of department "Finance and Credit", the Moscow State University of Technologies and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky

Journal: Finance and Credit, #38, 2012

In the article the essence of agricultural consumer cooperation from a position of regional features, roles in agro industrial sector of economy and ordering of carried-out functions is investigated; the principles and development factors are systematized, the features of its formation and functioning in Russia are revealed; existing systems of agricultural credit consumer cooperation are estimated.

The Orel oblast experience in rural settlements' cultural heritage preservation

Rezvyakova I.V. Financial University under Government of Russian Federation, Orel Branch, Orel, Russian Federation ( )

Studennikova N.S. Institute of Social Development of Rural Areas, Orel State Agrarian University, Orel, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #5, 2018

Importance The article investigates foreign and domestic experience in support to local incentives of rural residents on sustainable development of rural areas, including the preservation of historical memory of places of residence and cultural heritage.
Objectives The aim is to present the experience in using the grant support to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Russian rural settlements.
Methods In the study, we employ methods of logical and comparative analysis.
Results The paper presents the experience of the Orel oblast in implementing grants for promotion of patriotism among students and preservation of historical heritage of rural settlements. It underpins the need for applying foreign experience in local initiatives implementation, shows the role of grant support to rural people's incentives for historical memory preservation.
Conclusions In rural areas, the need for citizens who contribute to development of the territory of their residence is more important than in urban areas. This is due to depopulation, ageing of population, school closures, rural unemployment, underemployment, and other factors. Local initiatives have a great future, as they can improve the conditions for interaction of all participants in the social life of rural settlements.

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