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The region's economic security as a precondition for creating the sustainable development resources

Grachev S.A. Vladimir State University (VlSU), Vladimir, Russian Federation ( )

Donichev O.A. Vladimir State University (VlSU), Vladimir, Russian Federation ( )

Rakhova M.V. Vladimir State University (VlSU), Vladimir, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #2, 2019

Subject The article discusses the preservation of regional economic security, the way it is impacted by economic crime and fiscal revenue and Gross Regional Product depend on the economic crime level since they shape the resource potential of areas and contribute to economic growth.
Objectives We frame methodological principles for evaluating the effect of economic crime in the region on Gross Regional Product and consolidated fiscal revenue of regions which ultimately shape the sustainability potential. The article determines effective ways to ensure economic security and dynamic development of regions.
Methods Applying economic and mathematical methods, techniques of regression and statistical analysis, correlation dependencies of analyzable values, we formulated methodological principles for evaluating how economic crimes influence sustainability metrics of the regions' development.
Results We analyze why economic crimes influence the economic security of the regions and detect a considerable dependence of GRP and fiscal revenue on economic crimes, which affects available resources for sustainable development. The article presents a scatter plot reflecting the situation in analyzable regions.
Conclusions and Relevance The crime rate of the regions' economy significantly affects fundamental indicators of socio-economic development quality. However, in all the analyzable regions, this phenomenon has different effects. Having evaluated it, we identified what economic losses it might cause for the regions. The proposed methodological principles are versatile, being applicable to various levels of governance.

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