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Methodological aspects of regional development management during the digitization

Piskun E.I. Sevastopol State University, Sevastopol, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation ( )

Khokhlov V.V. Sevastopol State University, Sevastopol, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation ( )

Karuna K.I. Sevastopol State University, Sevastopol, Republic of Crimea, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #1, 2019

Subject The article focuses on the systems for the region's management in line with scientific discoveries and findings of research.
Objectives The research determines structural constituents of the methodology which contribute to the theory and practice of regional studies.
Methods The research employs general methods, such as the abstraction-logic method, theoretical generalization, and the systems analysis.
Results We analyzed approaches to the region's governance during the digitization era, discovered the predominance of systems and comprehensive approaches. We highlighted methods for analyzing and evaluating the socio-economic development, regions' potential, which allow to integrate territorial units into the digital milieu of Russia. We provide a rationale for adopting efficient mechanisms so that teams of researchers and governmental authorities could cooperate in managing the region's economic growth processes.
Conclusions Having analyzed the theoretical and methodological principles of the regions' activities during the digitization and the use of digital technologies in Sevastopol, we detect significant discrepancies and differences in the use of techniques and methods allowing to scrutinize various aspects of regional studies. The set of the proposed methods for the region's development analysis and evaluation and identification of growth points helps build an efficient regional governance system.

Growth in the poverty level as a factor undermining the economic development

Piskun E.I. Sevastopol State University, Sevastopol, Russian Federation ( )

Khokhlov V.V. Sevastopol State University, Sevastopol, Russian Federation ( khо )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #10, 2016

Importance Russia has been seeing a growth in population living below the official subsistence level. Therefore, the growing poverty issues should be analyzed in terms of the social peace, considering regional specifics.
Objectives The research pursues common patterns in dynamics of Gross Domestic Product in correlation with the changing poverty level in the Central, Northwestern and Southern Federal Districts, and Russia as a whole.
Methods Relying upon a systems approach, methods and techniques of dynamic modeling, we found the timing structure of Gross Domestic Product of the Russian Federation and Gross Regional Product in the three federal districts.
Results The article enlists factors that fuel the poverty level, detects the cyclical nature of dynamic changes in Gross Regional Products and poverty level. We suggested a new class of models that constitute a system of non-stationary simultaneous equations with temporary and cyclical components, built adequate dynamic models reflecting a correlation of GRP and changes in the poverty level, and mentioned how the problem of low income could be tackled.
Conclusions and Relevance Using dynamic modeling, we made a forecast that confirmed concerns about growing poverty in the Russian Federation as a whole and the Central Federal district in particular. However, the Northwestern and Southern Federal Districts will be seeing a reduction in the official poverty level withing the coming two years. The Central and Northwestern Federal Districts will have fallen in the depressive state within six years, unless the issue of GRP remains unresolved. The scientifically proven models, recommendations and conclusions can be used by governmental authorities, analysts to formulate socio-economic programs for sustainable regional development.

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