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Worldwide strategies of economics growth and regional development

Mingaleva Zh.A. professor, Perm State University ( )

Kuzmina Y.D. assistant, Perm State University ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #20, 2009

The questions of efficient management of regional development are very important in the conditions of internalization and globalization of economy. The search of directions and methods of regional development in the conditions of world financial crisis is very difficult. The attention is separately paid to the description of the factors of realization of regional developments strategy. Results of development and realization of model of strategy of social and economic development on example of Perm Region.

The modern aspects of financing of scientific activity in the higher education sector (on example of Perm State University)

Mingaleva Zh.A. professor, Perm State University ( )

Maksimenko I.I. assistant, Perm State University ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #4, 2010

The search of alternative sources of financial means is very important in the conditions of reduction of the federal financing of higher education sector. In this work the features of financing of scientific researches in high education sector are considered on example of Perm State University. Basic tendencies and specific of financing of different directions of researches are exposed. The importance of variety of sourcings is grounded.

Creation of new advanced technologies as the basis for sustainable development and technological security of the Russian economy

Mingaleva Zh.A. Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNRPU), Perm, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #12, 2018

Subject The article focuses on efforts that should be made to boost the technological modernization of the Russian economy by conducting the domestic research into production technologies.
Objectives The research identifies the main opportunities to modernize the Russian economic technologically through the existing system for creating national advanced production technologies.
Methods The research basically draws upon the statistical and bibliographic analysis of modern trends in advanced production technologies in Russia and abroad. The article also reviews technological modernization practices of various countries. The scientific and theoretical framework relies upon research of the Russian and foreign scholars.
Results Sustainable development of socio-economic systems from technological perspectives is an important objective of the economic and industrial policy, being the cornerstone for the successful coexistence of States and regions under the current circumstances.
Conclusions and Relevance It is of primary importance to stimulate the mechanism for creating national advanced production technologies in comparison with other types of high-technology activities. Such technologies should not only comply with international standards, but also outperform them. The findings can be used to determine measures for boosting the creation of national advanced production technologies.

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