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Financial sanitation of the agricultural organizations: special features and the basic

Melihova l.A. senior lecturer, Volgograd State Agricultural Academy ( )

Frolova l.V. graduate student, Volgograd State Agricultural Academy ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #7, 2010

At the article the group reason of stipulated for the financial crisis of agroformings pick out, and the peculiarities calculation necessity of functioning agrarian sector proves during financial invigoration realization. The complex of agricultural financial enterprises invigoration measures and the ways of negotiation and their insolvency precautions are elaborated.

Analysis and dynamics of developing small businesses of the Volgograd region

Ponomarchenko I.A. Volgograd State Agrarian University, Volgograd, Russian Federation ( )

Melikhova L.A. Volgograd State Agrarian University, Volgograd, Russian Federation ( )

Panova N.S. Volgograd State Agrarian University, Volgograd, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #43, 2014

In agriculture, small businesses play an important role in rural territories reservation and development. Their growth and stabilization of their number and size support their increasing role in the agrarian sector of economy. The authors analyzed the trends in the agricultural production development based on small farms of the Volgograd region. The authors established differentiation at the level of main agricultural product output of small farms that confirms the irregularity of their development. The development of small forms of business has its zonal specifics, largely owing to climatic conditions and characteristics of agricultural production in a certain edaphic-climatic zone. The study estimates the production capacity of farms taking into account zoning of the Volgograd region's areas. For this purpose, the authors used the method of standardized revenue calculation, which has been developed for farms on the basis of the data of the all-Russia agricultural census of 2006. The study identifies optimum values of conditional area and conditional livestock in each edaphic-climatic zone of the Volgograd region per a farm. The authors highlight the areas to ensure stable and efficient development of small farms of the region.

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