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Compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation: Problems of development

Martov S.N. Territorial Fund of Obligatory Medical Insurance Company, Vologda, Vologda Oblast, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #9, 2018

Importance High-quality medical care is a priority task of the State strategy for health care development in the Russian Federation. The reform of compulsory medical insurance faces barriers that slow down the function of the mechanism providing a sufficient level of medical care in the country.
Objectives The paper includes my own interpretation of problems and prospects for compulsory medical insurance development in the Russian Federation.
Methods Validity, reliability and reasoning of recommendations in the article are achieved through the use of the following tools: comparison of data, formation of theoretical basis of the research, assessment of positional elements, comparison and argumentation of obtained data.
Results The article considers theoretical framework for compulsory medical insurance, reveals factor advantages and disadvantages, formulates prospects for development.
Conclusions and Relevance The unveiled downsides of compulsory medical insurance show that it is crucial to ensure the balance of revenues, free medical care, cancel penalties for additional medical services, eliminate intermediaries.

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