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Marketing research of the market of banking payment cards: The VTB bank case study

Lomakina A.N. North-Caucasus Federal University, Nevinnomyssk, Russian Federation ( )

Shamrina S.Yu. Stavropol State Agrarian University, Stavropol, Russian Federation ( )

Manchuk E.P. Nevinnomysskiy Institute of Economics, Management and Law, Nevinnomyssk, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #6, 2018

Importance This paper considers advantages of plastic cards use and prospects for banks in this field.
Objectives The aims of the work are systematization, theoretical justification of plastic cards implementation and research of card promotion prospects.
Methods The article uses basic and applied researches of domestic and foreign authors in the field of marketing and finance. The authors use the methods of observation, logical analysis, synthesis, induction and deduction.
Results We have analyzed key concepts and theoretical questions of banking product creation. We have developed the program of strategic management of banking marketing. We have also revealed the opportunities for payment cards promotion on a particular segment of the market.
Conclusions and Relevance Rapid distribution of bank payment cards proves its popularity and efficiency. This payment form is profitable for every participant of the system. This attracts more banks and customers to the process. In terms of stiff competition bank marketing has already become the objective reality. Foreign and domestic commercial banks actively apply it to promote their products. Diversification of this sphere has extensive prospects for any bank.

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