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Direct costing, costing marzhinal, veribl costing?

Lebedeva P.M. Graduate Student of department "Statistics, Accounting and Audit", the St-Petersburg State University ( )

Journal: International Accounting, #3, 2013

In the article the approaches to interpretation of a method of calculation of prime cost "direct costing " are considered, various names of a method are analyzed, solutions of the developed contradictions are offered.

Commonwealth of Independent States: We have won together in the war, we have upper hand with pre-crisis

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #2, 2010

December 7, 2009 in the RBC Information Agency held an Internet conference chairman of the Executive Committee - Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth of Independent States, SN Lebedeva, dedicated to the results of the CIS in 2009, and framework-nym objectives for 2010 From January 1, 2010 Chairman of the CIS is Russia, is scheduled for many activities within the Commonwealth. The new year has been declared the Year of Science and Innovation, as well as the Year of World War II veterans under the slogan «We won together»...

The analysis of price marketability of the Russian tourist product in the international and regional markets

Belozerova Iu.M. State University of Management, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Lebedeva Iu.A. State University of Management, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #15, 2014

The tourism development in the regions of the Russian Federation is a problem of today, since the high cost of the domestic tourist product is a serious obstacle in its way. The authors study the international situation in the tourism sphere; they point out the countries supplying Russia with visitors more frequently; they submit statistic data of tourist flows, and they analyze the price levels in the adjacent spheres and the tour prices in various countries.

Ensuring steady functioning of energy structures on the basis of mitigation of contradictions methodology

Donichev O.A. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of department "Economy and Management of Investments and Innovations", the Vladimir State University ( )

Malkova T.B. PhD in Economic Sciences, Head of department "Organization's Management", the Ivanovo branch of the Russian State Trade-Economic University, Ivanovo ( )

Lebedeva O.A. Graduate Student of department"Organization's management", the Ivanovo branch of the Russian State Trade-Economic University, Ivanovo ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #48, 2012

In the article the results of research of contradictions in functioning of created corporate structures of regional power are given. The formalized model of definition of level of the capital of influence depending on business capacity is offered. The requirement of need of mitigation of the contradictions arising in the course of different types of activity of corporate structure of regional power for the purpose of its further movement on the way of development and efficiency is presented.

The prospects of social programs financing in the USA

Lebedeva L.F. Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #4, 2018

Subject This paper examines the changes in the US social programs financing after 2016 President election, importance and consequences of these programs for low-income households.
Objectives The paper aims to study the role and position of social programs in the US Federal budget, their importance for different population groups and possible consequences of social costs reduction.
Methods The research uses a comparative analysis, economic-statistical and logical methods, and the systems approach.
Results The paper assesses the changes in social program budget financing for the next few years according to the US Federal budget. It shows the shifts in the budget funds expenditure according to the new budget priorities. It also reveals possible consequences of the changes for different population groups.
Conclusions and Relevance The paper talks of the reduction in financing of several government welfare programs. Reductions will affect most of low-income population and can contribute to intensification of the American society inequality. As for Russia, the research shows the key role of the government in social programs funding, their optimization, establishment of State guarantees higher than the subsistence level.

The policy of guaranteed retirement income in the United States of America

Lebedeva L.F. Institute for U.S. and Canadian Studies RAS (ISKRAN), Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #6, 2017

Subject The article examines the basic approaches to guaranteed income security for aged persons. As well, the article discusses the role of pension benefits in reducing poverty at the Federal and state levels.
Objectives The paper aims to perform a comprehensive analysis of the significance of pension payments through public insurance programs and income assistance for pensioners, and show their importance in combating poverty among retirees at the Federal and regional levels.
Methods For the study, I used a systems approach, economic-statistical and logical methods, and the methods of comparative analysis. As well, the study is based on the U.S. Statutes, legislative acts, official statistics of the U.S. Department of Social Services, and my own estimates.
Results A key source to support the guaranteed income of persons of retirement age is the State pension insurance program. An important subsidiary element of the system of income support in this age group of the population is a budget cash assistance program for needy pensioners based on an assessment of need.
Conclusions and Relevance The research contributes to the development of methodology approaches to support the income of retired persons and stresses the role of insurance and welfare programs. The results may also contribute to extending the directions of reform of the social security system in Russia, upgrading the national monitoring of income and poverty among aged persons.

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