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Computerization of performance evaluation of venture business processing strategies in a highly risky economic sector

Kornilaev S.M. OOO TPK Piromet, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #12, 2018

Subject The article deals with automation of quantitative evaluation of business strategy effectiveness.
Objectives The study aims at creating a computer program to reduce labor costs when calculating the effectiveness of strategies with the interface of graphical analysis of obtained results.
Methods In the study, I apply descriptive and comparative methods. The employed tool is the C++ Programming Language, using the blocks of algorithm to automate the calculation of pure and mixed strategies of venture business processing based on the Hurwicz's Optimism–Pessimism Criterion.
Results The software product is created on the basis of sectional sequence of interfaces: data input, calculation and data output. In addition to its primary function, the program enables to construct graphs and charts of different color grade, change line thickness, save the considered variants of previous information matrices and export the final table with all indicators characterizing the studied data array to a separate file. This reduces time for developers of venture projects making presentations of the considered strategies, and facilitates the decision-making process.
Conclusions It is possible to repeat the interface of the developed software product in fragments, for example, using Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc software platforms. It does not require significant time and financial resources.

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