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Organizational and economic aspects of the activities of integrated enterprises in the dairy subcomplex of the Kostroma oblast

Khomutova L.A. Kostroma State Agricultural Academy, Kostroma, Russian Federation ( )

Khomutov A.V. Agency for Development of Entrepreneurship of Kostroma Oblast, Kostroma, Russian Federation ( )

Morozov E.N. Kostroma State Agricultural Academy, Kostroma, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #6, 2018

Subject This article deals with the problems of developing local food markets in the system of regional food market and models of economic relations of agribusiness integrated enterprises.
Objectives The article aims to analyze the organizational and economic aspects of the Kostroma oblast's dairy subcomplex integrated structures and develop proposals to improve their functioning.
Methods For the study, we used the abstract-logical, analytical, and calculation and constructive methods. The works of Russian scientists on the theory and practice of development of organizational and economic processes of integration in the agrarian sphere are the methodological basis of the study.
Results The article justifies the necessity of development of cooperatives in the north-eastern regions of the Kostroma oblast. This will contribute to the development of the dairy subcomplex and provide the population of the oblast with dairy products of local production.
Conclusions and Relevance The main issue in regulation of relations of agro-industrial complex integration partners is a determination of their individual contributions to the overall benefits and distribution of the benefits in accordance with individual contribution. The findings and proposals can be of interest to municipal agricultural authorities and specialists of agricultural organizations, as well as for the educational purposes.

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