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Corporate finance: modern tendencies of management

Ilyin V.V. Doctor of Economics, Professor, the Department of Project Management and Investment, the Moscow City Government University of Management in Moscow ( )

Zhukov V.N. PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, the Department of Accounting, the Russian University of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #32, 2013

In the article a number of new modern tendencies of corporate finance management, which marked at the last twenty years is considered. It is marked that all modern tendencies of corporate finance management coherent with changes external and internal conditions of corporate activity under the influence of world financial crisis and growth of global pressure on business. The conclusion is drawn on need of strengthening of internal control for the purpose of early detection and localization of possible threats for corporate finance.

Complex estimation of efficiency of use industrial resources (on example of agriculture of the Udmurt Republic)

Ilyin S.Ju. PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of department "Finance and Credit", the Izhevsk State Technical University ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #31, 2012

In the article the technique consisting in interrelation of the general and private indicators of an efficiency assessment of use of production resources is considered. The actions considering regional features in this regard are offered.

Peculiarities of human capital at the regional level

Ilyin А.Е. Doctor of Economics, associate professor, Head of the Department of «Taxes, taxation and financial management»

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #10, 2009

The article deals with the results of the human capital analysis made at the regional level. The study revealed a sustained depopulation tendency in the Kursk region owing to the drop in living standards. The latter being low, the population is now suffering a natural decrease. The situation in the countryside is even more pressing.

Analysis of the Project Financing Trends in the International Market and in Russia

Davydova L.V. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of the Finances Department, Orel State Technological University ( )

Ilyin I.V. Candidate of Economic Sciences, Orel State Institute of Economy and Trade

Journal: Finance and Credit, #21, 2009

The article covers the situation in the international market of project financing in 2004-2008. The credits for projects financing have been researched in regional and branch sections. The authors have consolidated and analyzed the data on project credits in Russia and compared the credit features with the international experience.

Identification and analysis of risks in the project financing system

Davydova L.V. professor of chair «Finance, monetary circulation, credit and banks», Orel state technical university ( )

Ilyin I.V. senior teacher of chair of management, Orel state institute of economy and trade ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #25, 2011

Increase of efficiency of the analysis of the project applying for use of a technique of design financing, is connected with identification of possible risks and an estimation of quality of structure of the project. In clause the advanced technique of the multifactorial analysis is considered, allowing to consider partial unaditiveness the risks arising at realization of schemes of design financing.

Reforming of a transport complex: economic safety and optimization of expenses

Mihnenko O.E. Doctor of Economics, professor of department “Accounting and Statistics”, Moscow State University of Railway Transport ( )

Ilyin V.V. PhD in Technical sciences, associate professor, professor of department “Economy and management”, All-Russian State Tax Academy of the Ministry of Finance ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #7, 2012

In article the review of results of the twelve years period of reforming of railway transportation is stated, system criteria of effective activity and economic safety, the requirement to administrative decisions from a position of economic safety, reliability of functioning and optimization of expenses for transportations are offered.

Factors of effective land use in grain subcomplex of the Oryol region

Sidorenko O.V. PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, the Department of Statistics and Economic Analysis of Activity of Enterprises, the Oryol State Agrarian University ( )

Ilyin I.V. Honoured Economist of the Russian Federation, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, the Department of Finance, Investments and Credit, the Oryol State Agrarian University ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #34, 2013

In the article the problem aspects of the organization of rational use of lands of agricultural purpose are considered. The factors of effective land use in a grain subcomplex of the region are defined. The strategic directions of development of agricultural production in a context of ensuring food security are presented.

Key factors for preparing the control information for corporate finance management

Il'in V.V. Moscow City University of Management under Government of Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Zhukov V.N. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #15, 2014

Management of corporate finance in unstable economic environment demands increased requirements to ensure the quality of all its resources, including information. The control information, management capacity of which is not fully studied is very important in these conditions. The article considers new approaches for preparing and using of the control information within the framework of corporate finance management.

Participation of development banks in the national economy modernization

Grischenko N.B. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Head of the Finances and Credit Department, Altai State University

Ilyin A.A. assistant at the Finances and Credit Department, Altai State University ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #19, 2009

The international practice uses the project financing method in order to solve problems of attracting financial resources to capital-intensive sectors. In our country the project financing method is underdeveloped. The basic cause for that is the absence of development banks at our country. In 2007 the Federal Law “On the development bank” was passed, which regulates the basics of activities of the development bank – Vnesheconombank. The article describes the principles of functioning of Vnesheconombank and sectorial priorities of its investment activities, highlights the most important projects it has been a part of.

Development banks in Russia - to take into account foreign experience

Ilyin A.A. assistant at the Finances and Credit Department, Altai State University ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #9, 2010

Development Banks act a structure-forming part in the economy of the successfully developing countries. They direct these countries toward the savings transformation to production and infrastructural investments, support export-import operations, stimulate the development of the house building activity.
     Russian Development Bank (Vnesheconombank) do the activities since 2007. For realizing of its tasks set before it is necessary to study the experience of the countries which have successfully realized programs in creating national development institutions.
     The experience in establishment and functioning of the development banks of Germany and China are described, the first principles of the activity of these institutions are named, and the results of their activity are examined in the article.

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