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Particularities of calculation of social investments efficiency index in education

Davydov A.A. assistant lecturer of economic theory and management sub-faculty of Volzhsky Humanitarian Institute (branch of) Volgograd State University ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #31, 2009

Particularities of education as an object of social investing are marked out along with approach to its efficiency measurement. The article considers the author’s view on efficiency index calculation regarding amounts of loss due to demographic factors; an example of such calculations is provided in the article. An attempt of ‘efficiency standard’ problem-solving was made within the author’s procedure.

Supporting trends for transformable high-tech complexes

Kuprin I.L. PhD in Economics, Professor of the Department "505", the Moscow Aviation Institute ( )

Davydov A.D. PhD in Economics, Head of the Laboratory-5, the Moscow Aviation Institute ( )

Teplov Yu.A. PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, the Department " 505", the Moscow Aviation Institute ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #46, 2013

In the article classification of the directions of progressive development of the hi-tech complexes which have been the basis for implementation of the system economic concept of innovative development on the basis of the modular principle of construction and modular strategy of development for effective providing defensive economic security of the country is offered

Domestic aircraft industry needs the reformation

Sobolev L.B. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, the Department of Economy of Innovations and Management of Projects, the Moscow Aviation Institute - the National Research University ( )

Davydov A.D. PhD in Economics, Chief of the Problematic Research Laboratory, the Moscow Aviation Institute - the National Research University ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #28, 2013

The united aircraft construction corporation created in 2006; to the present time solved only one of stated problems - concentration of the aviation active memberships within the framework of government monopoly. Now it is necessary to solve more complex problem - to make domestic aviation branch competitive in the world aviation markets. In the article one of the methods of solution of this task is proposed.

Organization of water management in modern conditions

Davydov A.V. Researcher, Laboratory of Economics, All-Russian Research Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Land Reclamation named A. N. Kostyakov (VNIIGiM), Moscow

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #26, 2009

The goal of the research in the article is substantiation of advantages that can be achieved from the implementation of the direct commercial relations in water management. The main shortcomings of the existing water-use management are analyzed in the article. A great attention is paid to the concession agreements in water management. The key difference between infrastructure concessions for construction and maintenance of hydraulic structures and the concessions for water resources management is emphasized. The financial relations between the State, a managing company and water users are considered. It is concluded that water management has a high investment potential for the commercial relations and the investment technologies can be implemented in water management in the future.

Classification tools to settle bad debts of banks

Davydov V.A. Northwest Bank of Sberbank of Russia, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation ( )

Khalilova M.Kh. Saint Petersburg State University, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #31, 2016

Subject The article considers the classification of methods to settle toxic assets and select the best option in a particular situation.
Objectives The goal of the research is to streamline standard methods and tools to settle bad debts of credit institutions.
Methods The study employs methods of theoretical learning, logic and comparative analysis.
Results We systematized the methods of credit institutions' bad debts settlement, described the basic tools to settle bad debts of banks, selected a classification of tools to settle bad debts, and developed an algorithm of choosing the tools to deal with toxic assets in each particular case.
Conclusions and Relevance It is advisable to use the obtained results by the banking community, representatives of supervisory authorities when discussing and making decisions on further steps of the banking regulation reform with regard to credit institutions' bad debt settlement.

The control system for new technology engineering in the breakthrough development

Khmelevoi V.V. Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Teplov Yu.A. Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Davydov A.D. Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National Interests: Priorities and Security, #9, 2015

Importance The article considers the main principles and approaches to the development of a control system for the designing and production of new technology within the context of technology of breakthrough development.
     Objectives The article aims to offer a new perspective on the modern system of innovative enterprise management, taking into account the use of national experience and the capacities of modern information technologies.
     Methods On the basis of system-wide approach, we propose the specially designed multi-level multi-criteria system of decision making and decision support to solve the complicated tasks of managing design and production of new technology, which is focused on implementing management processes for multiproduct scientific and production enterprise, which are adequate and correlated in time and space. The proposed project management system for creation and production of new technology of technologically breakthrough development form the basis of an idea of double-loop management of an enterprise: internal and external ones. The inner loop represents the traditional cybernetic model of an enterprise management. The external loop, in general, includes an enterprise and market in which the company's products are implemented. At the same time, an enterprise impacts the market, and in its turn, the market (and also higher level organizations), defines the goal-setting from the point of view of quality, price, product sale volumes. There is provision, which ensures continuous monitoring of market, which determines the adaptation of processes of creation and production to the market conditions by means of products modification. We propose a system of resource and time criteria, which enables obtaining optimal solutions within the framework of a specialized expert system.
     Results The used modern formal and non-formal modeling techniques provide a high level of reliability and results optimality that enable management of development projects in challenging environments of technology breakthrough development and volatility of market conditions to make reliable, long-term solutions with consideration of the various options and their implications.
     Conclusions and Relevance The proposed project management system belongs to the new generation systems with a wide range of applications in industry, in particular, in order to ensure the defense of economic security, as well as in social and other spheres of action. Thus, this problem has general-theoretical and applied significance, which solution can be carried out with an appropriate support of stakeholders.

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