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Human capital at industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan

Butkenova A.K. Financial Academy, Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #3, 2018

Importance Nowadays, the demand for highly qualified specialists, capable to deal with challenging and non-routine tasks, has increased. Knowledge, skills and competencies of employees are become important factors in production development.
Objectives I investigate human capital formation and strategic planning at industrial enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Methods The study draws on statistical analysis based on the data of the Committee on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other statistical sources. I also conducted a questionnaire survey for company CEOs.
Results The paper presents basic approaches to the human capital concept. It shows that human capital is one of enterprise's strengths, enabling to solve current problems and long-term objectives related to production development.
Conclusions Human capital development strategy implies elaboration of goals, priorities and rules aimed at achieving the necessary characteristics to ensure business development.

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