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The conceptual provisions of the model ecology of functioning of business entities and the anticipated effect of its introduction

Blokhin S.A. candidate of economic sciences, assistant professor of management and law, Izhevsk state agricultural academy ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #47, 2013

The article considers the conceptual provisions of the new model of managing the economic market subjects, providing minimization of negative impact on the environment caused by their activities. As the main event will be achieved greening of economic of enterprise is offered to environmental monitoring and audit, ecological expertise, certification and insurance of economic activity, in combination with synergetic management of enterprises and elements of mandatory state environmental control. The expected economic effect from the introduction of this environmentally oriented business model is calculated.

The Russian banking system's development: Institutional differences and institutional rent

Blokhin A.A. Institute of Economic Forecasting of RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #1, 2019

Subject This article examines and proposes a concept of presenting the Russian economy as a multilevel system with differing institutional conditions for large, medium and small-sized companies, including banks.
Objectives The article aims to analyze and comprehensively describe factors of institutional differences and institutional rent both for the national economy and banking sector.
Methods The study uses the methods of logical and time series analyses.
Results The article shows that systemically important banks represent a “core” of the banking sector. This banking “core” is advancing and growing faster than the other banks or non-banking companies through sustainable institutional factors.
Conclusions The factor of institutional differences acts as a serious deterrent to economic growth. It results in redistribution of institutional rent not in favor of future market leaders, but in favor of the existing ones. It is possible to quantitatively asses and describe the factor of institutional differences and institutional rent as well as define the related economic effects. Therefore, any further detailed study of this factor requires a serious theoretical and practical consideration.

The main provisions of the voluntary pension insurance for self-employed persons and projected effect of its implementation

Blokhin S.A. Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #31, 2015

Importance Whereas individual entrepreneurs demonstrate poor compliance with the payment discipline and make insignificant pension savings, it is very relevant to outline an effective system of pension insurance for small businesses.
     Objectives The research determines what causes the low efficiency of the current pension model, elaborates the main provisions of a new model designated to increase the self-employed population's interest in, and responsibility for ultimate pension savings.
     Methods The research is based on the general scientific methods of comparison, analysis and generalization, and special econometric methods for data processing and generating general indicators.
     Results The research investigates key issues of the existing system for individual entrepreneurs' pension insurance. I propose a model for the voluntary pension insurance of self-employed population, with its effectiveness assessed on the basis of the Udmurt Republic's indicators.
     Conclusions and Relevance I conclude that the proposed model, if implemented, will decrease the social security burden for the self-employed population, thus increasing their real income, reduce the unemployment rate, eliminate socio-economic tensions in individual entrepreneurship and give an impetus to new formats of pension insurance. As for the economic effect, Russia may reduce annual spending of the Federal budget by more than 45 bn rubles and delegate a portion of the State pension system's expenditures to private and corporate plans, thus making the national consolidated budget more balanced.

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