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Project finance in bank management

Bektenova G.S. Plekhanov Russian University of Economic, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #13, 2017

Subject The article examines the project finance market as one having all resources to meet the needs of changing economic conditions.
Objectives The aim of the study is to highlight the most significant factors of the project finance market that influence the formation of a mechanism of its operation, to choose instruments for project financing, define investment appeal of the market and attractiveness of project for each individual investor at every stage of project implementation.
Methods The study employs methods of systems approach and logical analysis, expert evaluation and mathematical calculations.
Results The paper highlights basic elements of project finance system, like bank management, corporate social responsibility, payment systems. It offers a classification of indicators to assess bank management that reflects the quality of management decisions. The basic models used in the system of project financing in the global market are formed under the influence of socio-cultural factors. The level of payment systems' development influences and forms the infrastructure of project finance system.
Conclusions A systems approach to defining the direction of project finance market development will enable efficient use of available financial resources that are accumulated in specialized credit and financial institutions and exist in the form of savings. Integrated assessment of investment appeal of the market and the entire project will help channel available cash assets to the most profitable projects.

Principal risks inherent in building the resource base of project finance in bank risk management

Bektenova G.S. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #1, 2019

Subject The study investigates the risk associated with resource base formation of project finance in bank risk management.
Objectives The purpose is to create a structure of risks affecting the formation of a resource base of project financing, which is estimated by the bank risk management; to unveil forms of risk manifestation in the bank capital market; to determine the influence of these risks on the cost of bank capital.
Methods The study draws on the analysis of trends in the interbank interest rates, structure and volume of loans and deposits, transactions turnover in the interbank market, market interest rates.
Results I designate a group of underlying risks to be assessed when making investment decisions, classify them by the form of risk manifestation, identify their influence on the project finance market, and show the effect from risk tolerance or aversion. The findings enable to assess actual risks associated with the formation of the bank's resource base. They also may be applied in practical work of bank risk management to estimate potential resources of project finance under economic volatility.
Conclusions For each source of financing, it is necessary to assess all risks, considering their form and impact on the project finance market. The qualitative assessment of identified risks helps predict the effect from project implementation. The sources of building a resource base of project financing depend on the current state of and expectations in the credit market.

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