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A phenomenon of leadership capital in the corporate knowledge economy

Salikhova I.S. Moscow Witte University, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Antipova D.A. Russian Scientific and Technical Center of Information on Standardization, Metrology and Compliance Assessment, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Finance and Credit, #35, 2014

The article reveals the main points and the socio-economic content of the "leadership capital" category and discusses the key factors, which determine the role and value of a leader in the modern corporate knowledge economy. The authors dwell upon the essential elements of leadership capital ontology: innovation mentality, system of creative meanings, full-fledged thinking, ability to create implicit knowledge, ability to be an expert and a knowledge engineer. The paper identifies psychological, social, educational, socio-cultural, cognitive, transactional, and many other aspects of management leadership capital, which is relevant to the requirements of large-scale economic innovation. The authors demonstrate the process and the algorithm of the leadership of expanded reproduction, the use of new knowledge, and the impact on the process of added value creation.

A logical link between resource saving and sustainable economic development

Antipova O.V. Almetyevsk State Oil Institute (ASOI), Almetyevsk, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Practice, #1, 2019

Subject The article considers a shift from the consumer economics to economic development, which rests on a reasonable balance between consumption and environmental integrity.
Objectives The aim is to demonstrate a dependence between resource saving factors and sustainable economic development, which causes a reorientation of economic activity of the society to minimization of intensity of raw materials and energy use in the consumption process.
Methods The study employs connection modeling methods based on dimensionality reduction of factor space through the Hotelling transform.
Results A stimulating effect on joint activity of production units of enterprises and specialized scientific institutions is required. As a result, the economy receives a new understanding of efficiency, which is based on measuring the cost of natural resources and the damage by improper, anti-environmental decisions; the benefit from improving the lean production technologies, resource recovery, organization of production and labor.
Conclusions The main driving force, which is needed to launch a global process of economic and social changes that ensure the sustainable development of the Russian economy is resource saving.

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