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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

«Regional Economics: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 10, Iss. 47, December 2012

 Region development strategy

Methodological approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of social and economic development of municipalities

Stepanova V.V. / Sivobrova I.A. / Nikolaev A.V. )

Education cluster for oil and gas sector: organizational aspects of forming (the Krasnoyarsk region)

Poklonova E.V. / Zagora I.P. )

Features of regional process of reproduction of fixed assets (the Arkhangelsk region)

Myakshin V.N. )


Some aspects of improving the budgeting tools in the region

Lipchiu N.V. / Chernaya O.A. )

 Agrarian and industrial complex development

State and development of meat industry of agriculture complex in Russia and the Arkhangelsk region

Inkova G.V. )

 Social sphere

Features of placement of social infrastructure in the Tyva Republic

Oidup T.M. / Chupikova S.A. / Adadimova L.Y. )

 Foreign experience

On use of theories of international economic relations in study of inter-regional interactions

Pavlov K.V. )


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