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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

«Regional Economics: Theory and Practice»

Vol. 10, Iss. 21, June 2012

 Regional development strategy

Administrative reform in the Khabarovsk area: results and problems

Antonova N.Е. / Leonov S.N. )

Industrial policy of the Republic of Mordovia: problems, priorities and tasks

Macaulov V.I. )

 Innovations and investments

Organizational and methodical ensuring for monitoring of operating instruments of tax support of innovative activity in the Russian Federation

Savina O.N. )

 Economics and management

The prospects of social-cultural approach to management of state development

Safarov S.M. )

Segmenting of equipment market for forest and garden on an example of Vladivostok

Glotova E.A. / Smolin M.G. )

 Social sphere

Problem of inequality of resources of the family investment in human capital development in modern Russia

Savchenko V.V. )

Assessment of the territorial sharpness of situation of the rural area on example of municipality of the Ulyanovsk Region

Mansurov P.M. )


Main aspects and prospects of cooperation of regional banks and industrial enterprises

Bataeva A.I. )

Construction of econometric model of sustainable development in the region (for example, the Kemerovo region)

Chernova E.S. )


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