Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

International experience in regional spatial polarization management

Vol. 16, Iss. 5, MAY 2018

Received: 6 December 2017

Received in revised form: 25 December 2017

Accepted: 22 January 2018

Available online: 15 May 2018


JEL Classification: Р51

Pages: 816–830

Ostapenko E.A. Stavropol State Agrarian University, Stavropol, Russian Federation

ORCID id: not available

Importance The article analyzes the international and Russian practices of management of sustainable development of socio-economic systems. It reveals common features and differences in approaches to the organization of this process in some developed countries.
Objectives The aim of the study is to consider and generalize the foreign experience based on the smoothing of regional spatial polarization to identify possibilities of its application in Russian practice.
Methods For the study, I used the methods of analysis, synthesis, abstraction, induction, and deduction. Fundamental and applied research of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of spatial economics, thematic publications in the periodical press are the theoretical and methodological basis of the study.
Results The considered methodological approaches serve as a basis for modernization of mechanisms of constant economic growth. They help reveal criteria of economic and social stability of a region, systematize influencing factors, and determine the prospects for further regional development.
Conclusions The system of regional management of socio-economic processes in the Russian Federation is at the stage of formation. It is focused on achieving balance and sustainability of regional development.

Keywords: socio-economic system, stability, regional policy, spatial polarization, system-structural model


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