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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

External and internal factors of economic growth in subjects of the North Caucasus federal district

Vol. 10, Iss. 46, DECEMBER 2012

Available online: 15 December 2012

Subject Heading: Region development strategy

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Gichiev N.S. PhD in Economics, Senior Rrsearcher, the Institute for Socio-Economic Research, the Dagestan Scientific Center, the Russian Academy of Sciences

In article the main theories of regional economic growth in interrelation with endogenous and exogenous factors of development of international trade are considered, their strong and weaknesses are defined. On the basis of econometric methods influence of the external and internal factors on the economic growth of subjects of the North Caucasus federal district is analyzed, the matrix of their interaction is presented. The conclusion is drawn on a key role of the exogenous factors in the economic growth of the North Caucasus republics.

Keywords: economic growth, growth factor, matrix of growth factors, gross regional product of curve, foreign trade turnover and regression analysis

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