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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Сhoice of the effective variant of use of uninhabited premises in inhabited objects of municipal real estate, as source of real incomes

Vol. 10, Iss. 10, MARCH 2012

Available online: 14 March 2012


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Trufanova S.A. Graduate student of department «Estimated Activity, Stock Market and Taxation», Moscow Financial-Industrial University "SYNERGY"

In the article it is given particular attention to definition of variants of an effective utilization of objects of municipal real estate in a direction which will lead to growth of real incomes of possession of objects of real estate, intensity of investments into municipal real estate, the further development of as much as possible effective business connected with possession and useful use of objects of real estate. The conclusion that the effective variant of use spent on the basis of the analysis of a condition of the market of real estate as a whole and a local market environment, taking into account existing characteristics, restrictions and encumbrances of objects, is one of the basic criteria of an estimation, success of realization of investment projects in the market of the real estate, promoting the general investment appeal of municipal union is drawn.

Keywords: objects of municipal real estate, effective variant of use, cost of municipal real estate

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