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Regional Economics: Theory and Practice

Social and cultural sphere as a factor of region competitiveness increase (on an example of St.-petersburg)

Vol. 10, Iss. 10, MARCH 2012

Available online: 14 March 2012

Subject Heading: Social sphere

JEL Classification: 

Pashkus V. PhD in Economics, associate professor of department “Economic theory and Economic policy”, St.-Petersburg State University

The analysis of the social-cultural sphere influence on the region competitiveness is given in the article. The reasons of the introduction of the organizations of social-cultural sphere in competitive relations are established, influence of the strong organizations in the competitive relation with the developed brand for a region brand is shown. Also, the author gives the differentiation of sociocultural organizations of St.-Petersburg and proposes the ways of the given sector competitiveness increase.

Keywords: socio-cultural sphere, region competitiveness, public sector, brand

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