Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 25, Iss. 7, July 2019


pp. 1472–1483

The endogeneity of money supply through the lens of circulating cryptoassets and the issue of digital currency of the Central Bank

Lunyakov O.V. )

pp. 1484–1500

The analysis of Russia's credit market

Smirnov V.V. / Mulendeeva A.V. )

pp. 1501–1513

FinTech and banks: A revolution that never happened

Zver'kova T.N. )

pp. 1514–1541

Restructuring of national banking systems: Domestic and some foreign practices

Ezrokh Yu.S. )

 Financial system

pp. 1542–1563

Differentiated pricing in the sharing economy

Popov E.V. / Derbeneva V.V. / Semyachkov K.A. )

pp. 1564–1585

Financial systems of the Russian regions: An analysis of post-crisis development trends

Krinichanskii К.V. / Fat'kin A.V. )


pp. 1586–1603

A descriptive and formalized analysis of the digital economy's development in Russia: A case study of the assessment of demand for blockchain technology

Safiullin M.R. / El'shin L.A. / Abdukaeva A.A. )


pp. 1604–1615

Medium-term results of transition to inflation targeting regime

Butuzova A.S. )


pp. 1616–1625

The specifics of charging the personal property tax on items used for business purposes: Evidence from municipalities of the Stavropol Krai

Roshchupkina V.V. )

pp. 1626–1636

The role of taxes in the formation of the consolidated budgets in the subjects of the Ural Federal District

Medvedeva T.N. / Sharapova V.M. / Baturina I.N. / Farvazova E.A. )

pp. 1637–1645

Property tax transformation in the face of digitalization of Russia

Aguzarova F.S. )


pp. 1646–1662

Analyzing the policy for transition to a low-carbon economy in Russia: Financial considerations

Ratner S.V. / Berezin A.E. )

 Securities market

pp. 1663–1679

Analyzing the efficiency of the Dogs of the Dow strategy in the Russian stock market for the period from 2005 through 2018

Nikolashina N.N. )


pp. 1680–1698

Assessing the synergy effect arising in a set of investment projects

Korol'kova M.V. )


pp. 1699–1708

Assessing the impact of external environment on risks of insurance companies

Larionov A.V. )


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Vol. 26, Iss. 5
May 2020