Finance and Credit

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«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 25, Iss. 3, March 2019


pp. 500–513

Internal control in banks: Assessing the risk of cyber attacks

Revenkov P.V. )

pp. 514–532

Institutional inequality by level of access to funding through REPO transactions: Evidence from Russian banks

Blokhin A.A. / Sternik S.G. / Bliznyak A.B. / Teleshev G.V. )

pp. 533–552

Evaluating the efficiency of a bank branch

Shatalova E.P. / Shatalov A.N. )

pp. 553–564

The history of the Andijan branch of the State Bank

Alimdzhanov B.A. )

 Financial control

pp. 565–579

On accounting documents as objects of forensic accounting expert examination

Kaverina E.Yu. )

 Financial system

pp. 580–595

Modern structure of the national financial system in the context of the country's financial security

Poltoradneva N.L. / Zav'yalova D.A. )


pp. 596–608

Providing guarantees for the implementation of investment projects: Foreign practices

Kosov M.E. )

pp. 609–617

Challenges of tax incentives for cybersecurity in small and medium-sized businesses

Kudryashova E.V. )


pp. 618–635

The Effects of monetary policy on the Russian financial market behavior

Tiunova M.G. )

 Securities market

pp. 636–655

Predicting the yield spread of corporate bonds in BRICS countries using artificial neural networks

Sultanov I.R. )


pp. 656–676

Methodological basis for assessing the impact of tourism on the socio-economic development of the region

Boldyreva S.B. )

pp. 677–690

A study of life cycle of the investment activities of enterprises: Evidence from the best practices of Russia

Ivanov V.V. / L'vova N.A. / Pokrovskaya N.V. / Andrianov A.Yu. )

pp. 691–708

Managing the innovation projects of corporations by means of compound real options

Yashin S.N. / Koshelev E.V. / Kuptsov A.V. )

pp. 709–720

Rationale for the attractiveness of rental housing for the population and institutional investors

Abdukhanova N.G. / Tazeeva A.R. )


pp. 721–736

Assessment and prediction of potential threats to the regional labor market

Savina T.N. )


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Vol. 26, Iss. 5
May 2020