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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 24, Iss. 8, August 2018


pp. 1767–1780

Reasons for post-sanctions ruble devaluation and the problem of its exchange rate optimization

Kapkanshchikov S.G. / Kapkanshchikova S.V. )


pp. 1781–1798

Problems of taxation of self-employed persons in Russia and the ways of their solution

Masterov A.I. )


pp. 1799–1813

On the financial standing and financial performance of the housing services and utilities property management companies in modern Russia

Sukharev A.N. / Golubev A.A. / Karaseva L.A. )

pp. 1814–1826

The effects of financial capital structure on corporation performance

Agafonova I.I. )


pp. 1829–1843

Debt financing of investment: Sources, forms, mechanisms, tools

Edronova V.N. / Maslakova D.O. )

 Financial system

pp. 1844–1858

The financial technology market and its development trends

Borisova O.V. )


pp. 1859–1873

Mechanisms to boost the investment activity of the Russian business sector under borrowing constraints in foreign markets

Petrenko I.A. )


pp. 1874–1888

Transforming the forms of external-economic interaction between advanced and periphery countries of the world: Assessment of prospects for integration

Malakhova T.S. )


pp. 1891–1905

Fiscal encouragement of renewable energy development: International practices

Kormishkina L.A. / Koroleva L.P. )


pp. 1906–1919

A mechanism to identify hazards and threats in activities of institution subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the Astrakhan Oblast

Zaitsev S.V. / Nadeina I.A. )

 Financial control

pp. 1920–1937

A two-parameter formula of default probability term structure

Pomazanov M.V. )

pp. 1938–1952

Control over funding for innovation territorial clusters in Russia

Trachenko M.B. / Gaisha O.D. )

 Financial system

pp. 1955–1973

An analysis of the financial policy of foreign oil companies under the influence of change of internal and external factors

Pyshkina N.L. / Yakushev M.F. / Pronchatova-Rubtsova N.N. )

pp. 1974–1988

Financial policy of corporations while increasing the reliability of investment projects implementation in conditions of regional planning uncertainty

Gryazev M.V. / Sabinina A.L. / Shul'zhenko N.A. )


pp. 1989–2003

Financial insolvency indicators of the commercial bank

Bitkina I.K. )


pp. 2004–2014

Development of the category of financial capital and the modernity

Metel'skaya V.V. )


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