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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 24, Iss. 7, July 2018


pp. 1511–1532

Restrictive financial and monetary policy of the State and the problems of GDP growth in Russia

Kulikov N.I. / Kudryavtseva Yu.V. )


pp. 1533–1546

Generalization of the experience of foreign countries in the field of redistributive policy

Ermakova E.R. )

pp. 1547–1559

Improving the Russian tax system on the basis of tax payments differentiation for innovation-led economic development: The personal income tax case

Yashina N.I. / Ginzburg M.Yu. / Chesnokova L.A. )


pp. 1560–1572

Contradictions between the use of credit resources and investment needs in the Russian reproduction

Mazhigova E.M. )


pp. 1575–1596

Methodological aspects of evaluating the financial stability and paying capacity of trade organizations in modern conditions

Mochalova L.A. / Kulagina M.E. )


pp. 1597–1608

Methodological approaches to the determination of regulatory values of financial coefficients

Sidorenko O.V. / Il'ina I.V. )


pp. 1609–1620

Modeling of efficiency of investments in agrarian business

Samygin D.Yu. / Keleinikova S.V. )


pp. 1621–1634

Insurance as a tool to reduce the risks of payment systems

Larionov A.V. )


pp. 1637–1648

Russian microfinance organizations: Development trends and the problem of involvement in illegal financial transactions

Evlakhova Yu.S. )


pp. 1649–1668

The institution of taxation and small business of the Mari El Republic: Certain issues of development

Shakirova R.K. / Kurochkina N.V. )

 Securities market

pp. 1669–1688

Analyzing the influence of different economic variables on the yield spread of ruble-denominated corporate bonds

Sultanov I.R. )


pp. 1689–1700

The system of financing innovation through venture capital in Russia: Specifics and development problems

Akhmadova Yu.A. / Garipova Z.L. )


pp. 1703–1720

Personal income tax – Chapter 23 of the Russian Tax Code: Problems, contradictions, and shortcomings

Edronova V.N. / Telegus A.V. )

 Financial system

pp. 1721–1735

Fiscal federalism: Theoretical basis and the Russian model

Tatarnikova V.V. )


pp. 1736–1750

A scenario analysis of stress testing in the assessment of the main risks of a credit institution

Shamrina S.Yu. / Lomakina A.N. )


pp. 1751–1764

The influence of distortion of international foreign trade relations on the financing of Russian enterprises under globalization

Sysoeva E.F. / Budilova E.S. )


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