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ИД «Финансы и кредит»






Finance and Credit

«Finance and Credit»

Vol. 24, Iss. 5, May 2018


pp. 1005-1015

Foreign experience in air emissions taxation: Economic value and areas for reforming

Tyurina Yu.G. / Troyanskaya M.A. )


pp. 1016-1030

Priorities of banking operations development in expanded reproduction based on technological cooperation of producers

Mazhigova E.M. )

pp. 1031-1045

The role of the banking system in lending to the region's economy

Sofronova V.V. )


pp. 1046-1060

Developing a stochastic model for medium-term forecasting of cryptocurrency exchange rate: The bitcoin case

Safiullin M.R. / El'shin L.A. / Abdukaeva A.A. )

 Financial system

pp. 1063-1078

The financial mechanism of management organizations in the field of housing and communal services: Deformation problems

Sukharev A.N. / Golubev A.A. / Karaseva L.A. )


pp. 1079-1097

Applying the committee machine method to forecast responses of oil prices to changes in oil reserves

Akberdina V.V. / Chernavin N.P. / Chernavin F.P. )


pp. 1098-1108

Improving the methods to assess interbank competition: Analysis of concentration on the basis of modified structural index

Skorlupina Yu.O. )

pp. 1109-1128

Studying the value drivers of banking business

Frolova V.B. / Khan' T.F. )

 Financial system

pp. 1131-1148

Cognitive modeling of factors of financial market stability of Russia

Badvan N.L. / Gasanov O.S. / Kuz'minov A.N. )


pp. 1149-1158

Unsecured intraday credit as a method to manage credit risk in the payment system

Masino M.N. )

pp. 1159-1177

The effect of auditor reputation on profitability of bank assets

Farrakhova G.N. )


pp. 1178-1194

A revolving fund as a tool to perfect the funding of infrastructure projects for solid municipal waste utilization in Russia

Latypova M.V. )


pp. 1197-1210

Determination of reserves and factors of efficiency growth of production equipment use

Gryazev M.V. / Papyan G.R. )


pp. 1211-1228

Performance budgeting as a tool to nurture economic growth in Russia

Masterov A.I. )


pp. 1229-1246

On attracting the U.S. direct investments into the Japanese economy

Koshko O.V. / Romanova E.M. )


pp. 1247-1256

Ensuring investment attractiveness of the insurance industry by planning the expected shareholder profit in the conditions of risk

Tsvetkova L.I. )


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