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Prospects of development of the system of refinancing of the commercial banks

Vol. 17, Iss. 48, DECEMBER 2011

Available online: 14 December 2011

Subject Heading: Banking system

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Il’ina L.I. Doctor of Economics, professor of department “Finance and Statistics, Russian University of Cooperation

Ruzhanskaya N.V. PhD in Economics, associate professor, Russian University of Cooperation, Syktyvkar

In the article is opened the concept «corridor of the interest rates», utilized for control of the liquidity of banking sector in the system of refinancing. The role in formation of the money and credit policy of the central banks in the different countries is presented. The problems of the formation of the system of the corridor of the interest rates in Russia are shown. the measures for the improvement of the system of refinancing, which ensure the equal access of commercial banks to the credit resources and facilitating the effective work of money market are proposed.

Keywords: system, rate, central bank, corridor, liquidity, money market, money and credit policy, banking sector, credit resources

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