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Finance and Credit

Theoretical-methodological aspects of exploring the financial-credit infrastructure

Vol. 16, Iss. 44, NOVEMBER 2010

Available online: 18 November 2010

Subject Heading: Financial system

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Samsonova E.K. Ph.D. in Economics, associate professor of chair «the Finance and the Taxation», St. Petersburg University of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

The article analyzes the theoretical and methodological aspects of the formation of financial-credit infrastructure in the modern world. The paper identifies the key concepts that allow to characterize the impact of financial-credit infrastructure on the social-economic development and the potential of the territory. Also the article defines the key role of the banking sector as a basic element of regional infrastructure and concludes on the need for financial-credit component of market infrastructure to improve the investment potential of areas and development in the regions of the competitive environment.

Keywords: market infrastructure, financial-credit infrastructure, region, banking sector, competitive environment, the potential

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