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pp. 4-18

Significance of population's savings as investment for the Russian economy

Igonina L.L. )

pp. 19-32

Future development of the Russian markets of energy efficiency technologies for mass consumption

Iosifov V.V. )

pp. 33-49

Developing the system of voluntary environmental certification of urban real estate items

Maslova S.S. )

pp. 50-61

Analyzing practical experience of energy service contracts in Russia

Nazarova L.E. )


pp. 62-76

Evaluation of lending capacity of the banking sector in the Arkhangelsk oblast and its usage

Kirutsa G.A. / Stepanova V.V. )


pp. 77-93

A risk-based approach to evaluation of the budgetary security of the Russian Federation

Yashina N.I. / Pronchatova-Rubtsova N.N. / Kalenova Yu.S. )


pp. 94-106

Management of regional retirement systems in the USA

Emel'yanov S.V. / Petrovskaya N.E. )

pp. 107-120

RETRACTED: Analyzing regional specifics of individual housing construction during the economic recession in the Russian Federation

Tetushkin V.A. )


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