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Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice

All magazines 2009

 1(130) 2009 January

The profit analysis

  • Klimova N.V. Accounting, fiscal accounting and management accounts in the analysis of formation and use of economic profit

Dynamics of the prices of the consumer market

  • Malkina M.Yu. Analysis of relative prices movement, inertial and structural components of inflation of consumer market of Russia

Investment problems

  • Yampolskiy Yu.P. Methodology of evaluation of investment appeal and territorial generating companies in investment-industrial groups
  • Muravliova T.V. Problems of investment of pension accruals

The financial analysis

  • Timofeeva Yu.V. Evaluation of economic potential of an organization: financial-investment potential

Management of economic relations

  • Ilyushcheva L.V. Management of economic relations in the system consumer - seller with the help of sensor marketing communications
 2(131) 2009 January

Administrative innovations

  • Beketov N.V., Denisova A.S. Business mechanisms of development of management innovations of companies


  • Zonova A.V., Livanova L.V. Analysis of transactions of insurance of crops under insurance statistics of Kirov region

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Weisblatt B.I., Shilova E.N. Prediction models of efficiency indexes and risk indexes of the investment project on the basis of the complex systems science

Management and the analysis of monetary streams

  • Likhanova Z.K. Prediction of business cost and cash flow management: alternative approach
  • Kokina T.N. Use of software in factorial analysis of cash flows

Financial planning strategy

  • Pestryakova T.P. Specialties of financial strategy of a small enterprise

The profit analysis

  • Tolpegina O.A. Profit analysis: theory and practice of analysis

Methodology of the estimation of investment appeal

  • Glushchenko M.E. Methodological approaches to evaluation of investment appeal of housing and public utilities

Principles of the organization of auditing work

  • Belov M.Yu. Organization of control and revision work in establishments of correctional system


  • Kalashnikova I.N. Impact of tax administration on the level of collection of taxes
 3(132) 2009 January


  • Salikhov B.V., Neimatova B.A. Network management as a new quality of the enterprise brain capital management

Technique of the rating of graduates of high schools

  • Goncharenko L.P., Ponomariov M.A. Development of methodology of students rating (high school graduates) as a means to stimulate cooperation of high schools and commercial organizations

The administrative account

  • Chaya V.T., Chupakhina N.I. Conceptual basis of development of management accounting

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Skorikov O.V., Surkov S.A. Analysis of economic activity of raw materials extractive regions with the help of the model of distribution of areas of responsibility

Storekeeping methodology

  • Radionov R.A. Methodology of definition of vested remainder of a brand of material resource as of the end of the year

Economy and management

  • Tretyakov A.K. Analysis of a system model of effective management by operating departments of industrial enterprises

Cost of investments

  • Marenkova A.Yu. Analysis of fair value of real estate investments

Reserve registration system

  • Dmitrichenko E.D. Development of concept of accounting of redundant system of a commercial organization
 4(133) 2009 February

Economy questions

  • Beketov N.V., Fiodorov V.G. Concept of effective management of company
  • Denisov I.V. Economic and technological complexes of firms and markets

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Popov E.V., Vlasov M.V. Modeling of generation of new technological knowledge
  • Ratner S.V., Malkhasyan S.S., Arakelyan N.R. Projecting and management of scientific and research network of a regional innovation cluster

Efficiency of innovative processes

  • Zhilin V.V. Appraisal of effectiveness of innovative production processes in bee-farming


  • Rogaeva A.V. Concept of salary regulation

Quality of the manpower

  • Molodchik M.A. Personnel as a factor of innovative behavior in an industrial enterprise

The administrative analysis of expenses

  • Tryastina N.Yu. Use of management analysis of costs in the process of making operative decisions

Food safety

  • Lysochenko A.A. Methodology of definition of food security level

Estimation of cost of trade marks

  • Pavlova Yu.V. Brands cost estimating features

Investment appeal of the company

  • Babushkin V.A. Disclosure of information about investment appeal of a public company

Small business

  • Ivasyuk R.Ya. Analysis of features of development of micro-entrepreneurship at modern level
 5(134) 2009 February

Estimation of efficiency of expenses

  • Klimova N.V. Analysis of effectiveness of payroll expenses

Tax potential

  • Suglobov A.E., Cherkasova Yu.I. Analysis of taxable capacity of municipal entities for the purpose of perfection of mechanism of intraregional budget leveling


  • Rogaeva A.V. Differentiation of remuneration on the basis of appraisal of intensity of labor

Competitiveness and risk

  • Filobokova L.Yu. Methodic approaches to appraisal of competitiveness and business risk in micro-entrepreneurship

Management questions

  • Vybornova V.V., Nozdrin A.N. Appraisal of effectiveness of product flows management system in production
  • Sazhneva S.V. Features of organization of management decisions making mechanism in market relations

Economic potential

  • Zabolotskaya N.V., Kozlova T.V. Appraisal of enterprise economic potential

Optimization of the choice of the project

  • Kogan A.B. New approaches in solution of tasks to choose the best investment project and the best type of equipment

Auditing work

  • Belov M.Yu. Sectoral features of activities of establishments of correctional system

Criterion of the estimation of competitions

  • Maximov V.V. Use of terms of road construction in criteria of appraisal of concession tenders
 6(135) 2009 February

Intergovernmental regulation

  • Suglobov .., Cherkasova Y.I. Methods of evaluation of investment prospects of target companies

Agricultural insurance

  • Zonova A.V., Livanova R.V. State aid for crop insurance companies

Materiality of information

  • Lazarishina I.D. System advantages of variance analysis, materiality of information taken into account

Company development strategy

  • Cherkasova V.A. Forming corporate strategy based on scenario planning


  • Chernova M.V. Corporate, personal, municipal, sovereign bankruptcy: features in common and peculiarities


  • Solodov .K. Audit materiality: financial managers opinion

Interregional cooperation

  • Rastvortseva S.N. Analysis of the economic cooperation of the Belgorod region with the regions of the Ukraine

Investment risks and efficiency

  • Mukhametshin R.T. Accounts fraud
  • Ryazantsev A.G. Return on investment outlay
 7(136) 2009 March

Industrial systems

  • Ogoleva L.N., Rodionov A.V. Analysis of the Designed Production Systems Technological and Organisational Level

The budgetaru analysis

  • Suglobov A.Ye., Cherkasova Yu.I. Regional Inter-Budget Relations Analysis (Case Study: Krasnoyarsk Region)

Equation of indicators of development

  • Fomin V.P., Igoshina N.A. Analysis of Company Growth Indicators Balancing in terms of Structure and Time

The financial analysis

  • Romanova I.M., Veselov A.I. Estimation of Capital and the Sources of its Formation for the Furniture Industry Companies in Primorsky Territory

The innovative and ecological account

  • Sayenko K.S. Questions on Innovative and Ecological Control Methods and Procedure

The financial account

  • Zubareva O.A. Theory and Methodology of Organising Expenses Financial Accounting in Agricultural Companies

Anti-recessionary management

  • Chernova M.V. Classification of Creditors' Demands at Time of Bankruptcy

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Chernyavsky A.D. Modeling and Analysing the Data Distribution by Means of "Buzz Marketing"

Management questions

  • Vorobyev A.D., Politov D.B. Planning for Regional Companies: Strategic and Long-Term

The account of the overhead charge

  • Protasov A.Ye. Power Manufacturers Overhead Expenses Accounting in the System
 8(137) 2009 March

Methodology of financial strategy

  • Gavrilov V.V. Economic Analysis in Financial Strategy Development (Models and Indicators for Control and Analysis)

Development diagnostics

  • Rukin B.P., Shurshikova G.V., Sviridova L.V. Diagnosis of the Companies Consistent Growth by Means of Dynamic Standards and Non-Parametric Statistics

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Weissblatt B.I., Shilova Ye.N. Methods of Investment Project Selection in Situation of Risk

Perception of risk

  • Kartavelishvili V.M., Koloskova L.M., Mitin A. Yu. Aspects of Modern Attitude to Risks

The financial and administrative account

  • Zimakova L.A. Creating an Integrated System for Financial and Management Records

Estimation of buyers-debtors

  • Malafeyeva M.V., Stulova O.Ye. Methods of Comprehensive Trade-Debtors Evaluation

The social corporate reporting

  • Burchakova M.A. Formation of Social Corporate Records System: International Experience and Russia

Efficiency of the tax policy

  • Yurzinova I.L. Evaluation of Social and Economic Effect of Tax Policy Activities on Various Levels of Economic Aggregation

Reproduction and management

  • Baskakova N.T., Dorman V.N., Zhemchueva M.A. Conceptual Approaches to Choosing the Type of Metallurgical Equipment Reproduction


  • Osipova Yu.S. Assessing the Performance of Executive Agencies in the Russian Federation Constituent Entities

Planning of the added cost

  • Galevsky S.G. Multivariant Planning of Economic Value Added
 9(138) 2009 March

The analysis of innovative activity

  • Polulyakh Yu.G., Adadimova L.Yu., Oydup T.M. Innovative activities in Siberian Federal District Analysis

The theory of the economic analysis

  • Suglobov A.Ye., Cherkasova Yu.I. Systematic approach to distribution of fund for municipal development assets, or Qualimetric Method for Quality Assessment in Municipal Units Financial Management

The investment analysis

  • Kruglov V.N. Prospects of Russian Regional Strategic Development in Terms of Investments


  • Dmitrienko I.N. Aspects of Management Potential Enhancement in Corporate Control Comprehensive System

The administrative account and the analysis

  • Smirnova Ye.V., Tychinina N.A. Toolbox for Comprehensive Economic Analysis of Consistent Business Growth
  • Malinovskaya N.V. Management Accounts and Analysis in Providing Consistent Growth of Business
  • Zimakova L.A. Optimisation of Residual Manufacturing Resources Control

The financial analysis

  • Malafeyeva M.V., Stulova .Ye. Receivables Influence on Money Turnover Cycle Assessment
  • Bolokhontseva Yu.I. Financial Condition Analysis for Sugar Beet Processing Sector in Kursk Territory
  • Terelyanski P.V. Price-Quality Relation Forecasting by Means of Expert Judgments Extrapolation
 10(139) 2009 April

Crisis management

  • Chaldaeva L.A. Crisis management to financially stabilize a company
  • Markaryan V.R. Methods of countercyclical regulation in the context of the global crisis
  • Chernova M.V. Bankruptcy as a part of companys life cycle: empirical study

Tax regulation

  • Ilyin .., Ilyina G.V. Analysis of personal income tax receipts
  • Tebenikhina M.V., Melikhova E.V. Analysis of VAT changes in the Russian tax system

Investment policy

  • Tarkhanov O.V. Reasons for low efficiency of agricultural investment

Business appraisal

  • Samylin A.I. Enterprise value analysis

Financial analysis

  • Gracheva N.A., Anisimova A.Y. Evaluation of the innovation capacity of manufacturing activities

Evaluation of the single economic space

  • Bankuev E.S., Tarshkhoeva .., Borchaeva .. Methodical evaluation and analysis of the Single Economic Space

Management accounting

  • Kazora O.L. Methods of cost analysis and control based on flexible budget

Education issues

  • Gorokhova Y.A. Main components of the basic information and computer competence of economic disciplines graduates


  • Alafinov S.V. A review of the study by A.V. Zverev, Cand. Sc. (Economics), Innovative system of Russia: improvement issues
 11(140) 2009 April

Economic policy

  • Sukharev O.S. Efficiency of economic policy: evaluation methods
  • Bocharov V.A., Korobeynikova .., Novikova N.S. Essential principles of the efficient fixed capital reproduction in an enterprise

Innovations and investments

  • Baturina N.A. Prospects of investing to raw materials of an economic entity

Efficiency of regional social and economic development

  • Smirnov V.V. Stimulation of efficient regional social and economic development
  • Lugacheva L.I., Musatova .. Financial results and competitiveness of regional engineering (case study of the Novosibirsk region)

Forecasting and planning

  • Mitus L.I. Russian and American long economic cycles influencing similar world cycles

Education issues

  • Medvedeva E.I., Kroshilin S.V. Students profitability as a factor of the marketing operation of an Institute of higher learning
  • Serkov L.A. Modeling of education self-organization

Management issues

  • Pervov P.A. Managerial decisions grounds according to outsourcing applicability in a company
  • Gubanova I.R. Issues of stimulation of retail business performance
 12(141) 2009 April

History questions

  • Kazakova N.A., Nasedkina T.I. From history of development of economic analysis

Resource management

  • Khusainov M.K., Sharipov M.M. Optimal management of resources of organization of consumers cooperation

The investment policy

  • Khusainov M.K., Sharipov M.M. New method of appraisal of economic effectiveness and risks of investment projects of power plants considering their specific character on the basis of integral models
  • Stadnik A.I., Alexandrova E.N., Poddubnyi E.M. Macro and micro economic factors of modern stage of development of investment activity of Russian enterprises
  • Levkina N.N. Modern methods of appraisal of effectiveness of investments into items of intellectual property

The financial analysis

  • Ilina I.V., Sidorenko O.V. Analysis of connection of financial coefficients

Management questions

  • Anglichaninov V.V. Main approaches to development of the process of management of enterprises


  • Zubareva E.V. Records management and control as components of budgeting process of building organizations

Innovative activity

  • Glushchenko I.I. Development of policy of financing of innovative activity of enterprise

Account problems

  • Morozova E.V. Problems of accounting of the process of nature management
  • Akhmyatzhanov T.Z. Role and place of investments as a unit of accounting and economic analysis
 13(142) 2009 May

Innovative activity

  • Fiyaksel E.A. Innovation potential of Russian industry and mechanisms of its growth

The financial reporting

  • Breslavtseva N.A., Sverchkova O.F. Analysis and classification of accounting problems for authors and users

The investment policy

  • Weisblatt B.I., Antonyan G.V. Interval and probabilistic approach to appraisal of investment project in conditions of uncertainty
  • Shibaeva N.A., Koroliov D.V. Indicative model of management of investment processes on the basis of application of a criterion of harmonious development of regions of Russia
  • Akhmyatzhanov T.Z. Analysis of effectiveness and complex appraisal of investments in fish complexes

Formation problems

  • Razumova T.O. Influence of higher education on income of employee

Taxes and tax policy

  • Ivanov A.V. Perfection of system of taxation of formation of wastes and in sphere of handling of wastes

Legal regulation

  • Bogov. Kh.M. Basic directions of optimization of budget legislation

Conomy of the agro-industrial complex

  • Kardanova E.Sh., Blieva L.V. Modern condition of cooperation in France and Russia and ways of its reformation
  • Eshugova F.R. Economic effectiveness of scientific and technical progress in plant cultivation

Foreign trade activities

  • Ivashkevich O.V. Analysis of transactions on import of goods in retail trade
 14(143) 2009 May

The competitiveness analysis

  • Ermakova N.A., Gafurova G.G. Accounting and analytical support of innovative activity

Accounting and analytical support of innovative activity

  • Trifonova E.Yu. Competitive conditions in worlds motor industry

Strategic management

  • Izmalkova S.A. Formation of institute of professional top-managers in the field of corporate governance


  • Suglobov A.E., Shibekov D.V. Organization of audit of medical establishments

The strategic analysis

  • Filin S.A., Yakushev A.Zh. Innovative economy and standardization

Financial management

  • Kravtsova N.I. Directions of perfection of amortization politics in the system of strategic financial management of commercial organizations

Higher education reform

  • Pakhomov E.A., Ivanchina V.V. Analysis of financial stability of high school using methods of fuzzy-set theory (by example of the University Dubna)

The administrative account

  • Lunina T.A. Problems of cost management connected with quality of products
  • Glubokova L.G. Analysis of distribution costs of commercial organizations

Economy questions

  • Mikhaliov O.V. Methodology of regional economic analysis in conditions of transregionalization of economy
  • Kovtun D.V. Solvency of groups of interconnected organizations
 15(144) 2009 May

Methodology of the economic analysis

  • Enovitskiy D.A. System approach to economic analysis of assets of a business entity


  • Suglobov A.E. Use of audit in struggle with corruption in social sphere

Economy questions

  • Kuzbozhev E.N., Skulova G.G., Belyaeva T.A. Regulation of transformation of the structure of economy of region
  • Ivanov A.V. Basic directions of perfection of policy of tariff making

The financial analysis

  • Shogenov B.A., Karaeva F.E. Analytical grouping of articles of assets and liabilities of the balance sheet

The administrative account

  • Golovina T.A. Method of application of analytical procedures for evaluation of production costs and production of agricultural products of the plant cultivation branch considering quality indicators

Financial stability

  • Kochetkov E.P., Kovan S.E. Financial stability of an enterprise and its appraisal for prevention of its bankruptcy

The investment policy

  • Magomedov A.M. Payment for nature management and effectiveness of its financing

The factorial analysis

  • Kulikov V.S. The factorial analysis in audit of efficiency of use of means for personnel compensation
 16(145) 2009 June

Reproductive activity

  • Ilyshev A.M., Bagirova A.P. Appraisal of position of the sphere of reproductive labor in period of crisis and perspectives of its changes

Formation problems

  • Risin I.E. Economic analysis of export of educational services
  • Gadzhiev N.G., Akhmedov A.Z., Kurbanov M.M. Internal audit of purchases in state high schools

The account of non-material actives

  • Ermakova N.A., Gazizova A.R. Organization and accounting aspects of analysis of condition and movement of intangible assets in vertically integrated structures

Economy questions

  • Serkov L.A. Analysis of application of the notion balanced economy and unbalanced economy, stable development and unstable development
  • Gizyatova A.Sh. Crisis may and must recondition company


  • Shaikin D.N. Age-related periodization of labor resources of the youth as factor of development of labor potential (by example of the Republic of Kazakhstan)

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Pavlov D.V. Features of modeling of accounting business processes

The investment policy

  • Levkina N.N. Modern methods of evaluation of effectiveness of investments into items of intellectual property

Credit status

  • Kovtun D.V. Economic analysis of solvency of the group of interconnected organizations
 17(146) 2009 June

Economy questions

  • Treshchevskiy Yu.I., Nguangbaka Eme, Shchekina E.V. Economic and statistic analysis of resource abundance in Russia
  • Mikhaliov O.V. Methodology of regional economic analysis in conditions of trans regionalization of economy

Financial management

  • Mezhov I.S., Rymanov A.Yu., Mezhov S.I. Methods of increase of reliability of appraisal of financial solvency of investments

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Weisblatt B.I., Misharin S.O. Analysis and management of risk of deposit portfolio of an enterprise

The administrative account

  • Bocharov V.P. Economic analysis of additional expenditures connected with quality of products
  • Polenova S.N. Theory of system analysis in accounting and its standardization
  • Glubokova L.G. Analysis of distribution costs of commercial organizations

Management of financial risk

  • Podgornaya L.Yu. Financial risks management in Telecommunications Company

Estimation of business reputation

  • Klimovich E.S. Technical approach to evaluation of goodwill of legal establishment

The economic analysis

  • Usachiov G.G. Financial stability of an organization and criteria of structure of liabilities
 18(147) 2009 June

The factorial analysis

  • Ednovitskiy D.A., Kulikov V.S., Rudechenko T.V. Factorial stochastic analysis of bonus payments to management personnel


  • Filobokova L.Yu. Quality of audit activity: essence, evaluation, management

The financial analysis

  • Molchanova O.V., Nosova I.L. Functional balance sheet and its application in the analysis of development of investment activity (by example of Russian enterprises of telecommunications)
  • Chernova M.V. Method of financial analysis in case of bankruptcy of bank


  • Treshchevskiy Yu.I. Methodology and methods of economic analysis of competitiveness of region
  • Belenov O.N., Anuchin A.A. Statistic models and economic analysis of regional competitiveness

Economy questions

  • Voloshchuk S.D. Methodology of calculation of market value of economic objects (by example of defense industry complex)

The system analysis

  • Ismailova N.V. System approach of economic potential of entities of small-scale business

History pages

  • Gizyatova A.Sh. Place for economic analysis in activity of organization as independent direction in the system of economic sciences
 19(148) 2009 July

The financial analysis

  • Endovitskiy D.A., Poddubnyi K.A. nalysis of organization susceptibility level to non-payment at dispatched production risk

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Edronova V.N., Stulova O.E. The matrix-numerical score of buyers-debtors


  • Plotnikova G.A., Goncharov A.I. Leasing as a financial element of the mechanism of state-private partnership in animal industries

Typology of brands

  • Godin A.M., Smirnov V.M. Types of the collective brands existing in the countries with developed market economy

Innovative activity

  • Dobyndo M.N., Donichev O.A., Strahov E.J. Governing factors of socio-economic systems innovative transformation in the contemporary context

Management questions

  • Sintsov A.N. Theoretical researches of inflation and the latent rise in prices on conditional group of the goods
  • Ponachugin A.V. Management efficiency increase by technological process of transportations by land city electrotransport on the basis of application of mobile information-operating systems

The investment policy

  • Batishcheva G.A. Technique of definition of investment appeal of regions
 20(149) 2009 July

Investment and risks

  • Endovitskiy D.A., Levina M.V. Analysis of the distribution of financial investments organization
  • Kritski O.L. Risk aversion at the financial crisis
  • Tabekina O.A., Fedotova O.V. Estimation of investment appeal of alternatives of expansion of the trade mark
  • Kvasov I.N. Analysis the risks of investment projects, public-private partnership in the region

Analysis of economic activity

  • Adamadziev C.R., Mirzoyeva N.K. Assessment and forecast of the Republic of Dagestan indicators viticulture econometric modelling methods
  • Taraskina A.V., Symonenko L.G. The problem of determining the financial situation of the shipbuilding sector enterprises in market conditions

Indicativ planning

  • Kryanev A.V., Zhilyak A.V. Methodology for standardizing the staff strength of cash-centric queueing theory
  • Taisheva G.R. About the level of peoples demand of main food product

Cost-effectiveness analysis

  • Vasilyeva M.B. Methods of an estimation of efficiency of use of public funds at carrying out of audit of efficiency

The intraeconomic analysis

  • Maymina E.V. Development reengineering business processes trade organization as the direction of the restructuring of its activities
 21(150) 2009 July

The investment policy

  • Endovitskiy D.A., Babushkin V.A. Capitalization analysis of a public company and the estimation of its investment attractiveness
  • Sinitsyn ., Sterhov A.V To a question on an estimation of investment appeal of the enterprises of electric power industry

The competitiveness analysis

  • Fedchenko A.A. The Role of Economic Analysis in Estimating the Level of Regional Development

Agrarian and industrial complex development

  • Baryshnikov N.G., Cherdantseva E.A. Analysis and evaluation of reproduction of fixed capital in the agricultural organizations
  • Lobachyova I.P. Features of the analysis of the mark estimation of quality of the manpower in the agricultural production
  • Sharipov Sh.I. Labour productivity in agriculture in conditions of institutional reforms

Economy and management

  • Gogina G.N, Sokolov .. Segment information for account and analysis money flow in wholesale-trade networks

The financial analysis

  • Galkina E.V. Capital maintenance and profit recognition concepts influence on results of economic analysis
  • Glazunov M.I. Estimation of financial stability of the commercial organization on the basis of data of accounting balance
 22(151) 2009 August

Realization of the principle of the continuity of activity of the organization

  • Endovitskiy D.A., Agupova K.P. Analysis of execution going concern principle
  • Abbasov S.A. Forecasting of monetary streams at the dynamic estimation of investment projects

Economy questions

  • Gritsenko S.V. Statistical analysis of the socio-economic development level of Voronezh oblast municipal districts
  • Chaykovskaya O.A. Role of the state in development of the automotive industry of modern Russia

The competitiveness analysis

  • Tanasheva O.G., Poletavkin A.I. Enhancement of methodic-organizational aspects quality costs management
  • Shushkin M.A. The automobile company strategy development
  • Dolgov D.I. Shaping techniques raise the competitiveness strategies of indistrial products

The analysis it is industrial-economic activities

  • Shmidt Y.D., Romanova I.M., Veselov A.I. Integrated approach to an estimation of commodity policy
  • Ivanov I.N., Foukova D.J. Benchmarking vs. Competitive analysis

The analysis of non-material actives

  • Cherepanov V.Y. Valuables approach for appraisal of football club brand
 23(152) 2009 August

Theory and methodology of economic analysis

  • Klimova N.V. The economic analysis: history and development prospects
  • Barlybaev A.A., Yunusova G.M. Mathematic methods of economic science: evolution and perspectives

Reform of higher education

  • zv Nataliya, Nasedkina Tatyana Problems of reformation of higher economical education and requirements of analysis specialists in Russian Economy in a time of crisis

Evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects

  • Magrupova Z.M., Smirnov D.S. Matrix management method use for schedule of investment project achievement

The economic efficiency analysis

  • Khromtsova L.S. Estimation of efficiency of the leasing project: the complex approach
  • Glagolev S. N. The organizational-economic mechanism of adaptation of the industrial enterprises at the present stage

Economics and management

  • Chernova M.V. Municipal creditworthiness analyses


  • Shajkin D.N. Factor model of labor potential forming

Tax planning

  • Bunko V.A. The structure of expenditure as a factor of reductive tax structure evaluation
  • Mandroshenko O.V. Tax component problems investment resources in small business

Tax registration

  • S.F. Aidarbekov, I.A. Sitnova Tax offences as object of the economic analysis
 24(153) 2009 August

Economy questions

  • Novokshonova Lyudmila, Shmeleva Natalia The comparative analysis of economic development in Russia and other countries of the modern world on the indicator of the gross domestic product
  • Artashina I.A., Zhulkova Y.N., Tabekina O.A. Questions of increase of efficiency of functioning object the commercial real estate

Investment and innovative activity

  • Levin V., Levina T., Sovetova N. ransformation of essence, maintenance and character of representation of quantitative data about investments into the fixed capital

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Grachev I.D. Probabilistic model of blended economical systems as the tool of selection and substantiation legislative the norms and rules of managing
  • Fomenkov D.A. The analysis and choice of model of the client capital for contract mutual relations


  • Gavrilenko D.V. Problems of taxation for multi-component complex ore, non-ferrous and ferrous metals mining
  • Bunko V.A. The ways to reduce tax rates on organization assets

Personnel selection

  • Shamarova G.M Methodology of an estimation of professional competence of the staff of institutions of local government

The financial analysis

  • Muzalyov S.V. The analysis of operating techniques and forecasting of a financial condition of the organisations of agriculture
 25(154) - 2009 September

The investment policy

  • Levin Vladimir, Levina Tatyana, Sovetova Natalia Expansion of circle of investment objects in the fixed assets in evolving conceptionsof national accounting
  • Lobov P.V. Attraction of investments into electric power industry of Russia as an overall objective of reforming of branch
  • Gavrilyk O.I. Methodology of the use to theories about life cycles at determination of investment attractiveness of the enterprise


  • Ostrovsky V.N. Competitive integration benchmarking in the circumstances of current situation in retailing in Russia
  • Shibakova T. Internal factors of competitive development of business in present-day conditions


  • Karpenko G.G. Methodical approaches to the influence analysis reforms in Russia on agrofood manufacture


  • Shishkin A.A. Designing of cost model of management by bank
  • Budovich Julia conomic-theoretical research meeting the requirements of practice of corporate and government economic management and problems of its methodic economic maintenance
  • Glagolev S.N. The factors influencing possibility of the industrial enterprises adaptation

Anti-recessionary management

  • Chernova M.V. To the criterion of insolvency (bankruptcy)
 26(155) - 2009 September

Management issues

  • Voronina L.A., Ratner S.V., Uzunchikoyan L.V. Method of optimizing the structure of the financial and industrial corporations in the financial crisis
  • Vaysblat B.I., Sysoyeva A.A. Project management office: project portfolio optimization

Analysis of the efficiency of business

  • Efimychev Y.I., Bogatyrev A.V. Application of the elements of technical-and-economic analysis while assessing efficiency of low-waste industry implementation

Assessment of the banking sector

  • Polydi A.A., Avagyan M.U. Assessment of the institutional network development of the banking sector in the region

The effectiveness of land relations

  • Buzdov Z.Z., Sarova E.A. Actual problems of ground relations in agrarian sector of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic

The tax regulation

  • Borodin V.A., Malakhov P.V. Analysis of the impact of State regulation of the flow of taxes and charges (for example, Nizhny Novgorod region)

Managerial accounting

  • Danilov G.V., Ryzhova I.G., Voinova E.S. The account assorted shifts in structure of released production in the break-even analysis

Balanced scorecard system

  • Chugumbaev R.R. The bases of a method of distances use in realisation the benchmarking analysis of economic indicators


  • Chernova M.V. Evaluation of borrowers solvency in personal (consumer) lending

Economic theory

  • Budovich J.I. Problems of metodological maintenance of economic-theoretical research meeting the requirements of practice of economic management

Internet commerce

  • karov V.V., lotov Y.. Development of Internet Commerce
 27(156) - 2009 September

The financial analysis

  • Zhminko S.I., Zazimko V.L. Improving method of analysis of financial state of agricultural organizations

Economy questions

  • Kalashnikova I.V., Evstratova A.A. Problems of shipping companies fixed capital assets modernization in conditions of limited nature of finances resource


  • Fijaksel E.A., Sysoeva A.A. Project Management Office as a mechanism of improvement of regional innovative infrastructure
  • Lobov P.V. Directions of increase of efficiency of realization Investment programs in electric power industry

Development diagnostics

  • Konovalov V.V., Konovalova T.V., Viktorova A.B. Ways of an estimation of factors of a sustainable development of agriculture


  • Chernova M.V. Evaluation technique of tax load


  • Zenkina I.V. Bases of formation of system of indicators of the economic subject in the tideway of modern concepts of strategic management

The economic efficiency analysis

  • Chugumbaev R.R Data Envelopment Analysis as the instrument benchmarking indicators of economic efficiency of the organisation
  • Trinka L.I., Lehman E.V. Theoretical approaches to the analysis of efficiency of export operations


  • Volkova M.N. Theoretical bases of functions of quality of management, their analysis


  • Golubeva N.A. Statement of the accounting of social-ecological activity of the company in the conditions of formation of the corporate social reporting
 28(157) - 2009 October

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Volkova S.N., Majorov U.I., Shleenko A.V. Definition of time borders of new distributions of economic laws


  • Krupina N.N. Cvp-analysis methodology as a basis of formation of the tariff for services of water canals

The financial analysis

  • Gorodnova N.V. The economic analysis transactions costs the integrated structures in construction
  • Sechenova M.V. Analytics of investment evaluation taking into account cash flow discreteness


  • Youshkevich Ye.Ye., Sidorenko M. M. Formation of a haulage economy financing stable sources
  • Abramov R.. Theoretical approaches to a diversification of economic systems
  • Budovich J.I. Ways of increase of efficiency of economic-theoretical research


  • Sayenko K.S. Innovation activity and environmental activity in the enterprises accounting system: the problem formulation and its development

Formation problems

  • Basharova O.G. System of economic indexes for effectiveness test of activity educational institution


  • Fedorova E.F. The modular approach to system engineering of adaptation of employees in re-structuring


  • Izmestiev A.A. Innovative instruments of the company activity efficiency increase
 29(158) - 2009 October

Investment activity

  • Voronina L.A., Kolkareva E.N., Akekseenko A.A., Simonyans N.N. Project financing development as a method of maintenance investment activity in the regions of Russia in a time of financial crisis
  • Levin V.S., Levina T.N., Sovetova N.S. The theoretical review and classification of quantitative investment models


  • Kuter M.I., Lugovskoy D.V., Mamedov R.I. Amortization policy - element of the stock-taking policy of organization in the guarantee of financial strategy of the owner


  • Klimova N.V. Optimization of money resources in maintenance of economic and financial safety of the managing subject


  • Mitus L.I. Innovations, investments: communication with the Russian technological ways


  • Bezborodova T.I. Influence of macroeconomic factors on the estimation of active memberships and obligations of the organization


  • Taranenko R.G. Economical and mathematical simulation of evaluation of accounting information efficiency in managerial audit


  • Lebedev Y.A., Ganieva L.F. The analysis of key factors influencing the cost of fuel and energy resources in the foundries


  • Almukhametov V.F. A Phase portrait as a means of the analysis of dynamic processes
 30(159) - 2009 October

Account problems

  • Sheshukova T.G., Razuvaeva K.V. The comparative analysis of tax and budgetary accounts


  • Schmidt JU.D., Romanova I.M., Mikhina I.S. Complex technology of the estimation the efficiency of integration processes at the enterprises of the baking industry

Innovative activity

  • Antonets V.A., Nechaeva N.V., Abubakirova K.N. The analysis of the account of expenses on research and development at realisation of the innovative project


  • Isakova S.A. Modern problems of audit organization in terms of Audit International Standard transition

Economy questions

  • Skryabin .. The comparative analysis of the Russian and foreign practice of use of circulating assets at the metallurgy enterprises

Investment activity

  • Astanin D.Yu. technique for analysis of formation and realization of an enterprise investment policy

Agriculture development

  • Muhina I.A. Economic and statistic analysis of forming and efficiency of labour resources in agriculture (based on Udmurt Republic)


  • Sabanova M.V. The analysis of expenses and savings of resources
 31(160) - 2009 November

Monitoring and analysis of the situation

  • Ozina A.M., Vihareva O.N. stimating conformance of the regional professional educational system to needs of regional economy

Economic theory

  • Lebedev K.N. Method of economic science and policy: the level of general methods

Financial management

  • Batkovsky M.A., Bulava I.V., Mingaliev K.N. Analysis of financial state of enterprise and internal mechanisms of its improvement

Investment activity

  • Cherkashin D.S., Popov A.B. Modern problems assessment of investment projects
  • Ryabova E.Yu. AIC investment attractiveness of small enterprises through the income approach
  • Davydov A.A. Particularities of calculation of social investments efficiency index in education


  • Isakov S.A. The problems of audit activity crisis in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Integration and interaction

  • Popova E.V. Internetization of Information Field of Business community in Russia

Financial management

  • Salpagarov M.A. Methodological approach to definition of category financial restructuring

Logistics strategy

  • Shutova P.A. Concept transaction costs on logistics
 32(161) - 2009 November


  • Postushkov A.V. Modified Scheme of Strategic Break-Even


  • Klimov N.V., Kasyanov S.A. Optimization of tax loading at a stage of planning of the contract of delivery
  • Borodin V.A., Malakhov P.V. Tax load as the component of the financial stability of the enterprise


  • Sayenko K.S. Innovation risks and environmental risks: methodological and organisational approaches to their consequences accounting in management

Investment activity

  • Rytikov S.A. Capital investment appraisal in a time of financial crisis

Strategy of development of region

  • Pshenichnikova M.M., Polushkina I.V. The estimation of the reproductive situation in cities of the Ural-Siberian region and the strategy of its development


  • Radionow R.A. New methodological approaches to rate setting of circulating capital, inserted by enterprise in the reserves of the incomplete production
 33(162) - 2009 November


  • Sheshukova T.G., Lobanov I.S. The analysis of entitys activity and choice of optimal tax policy for maximization of the profit in the sawmill enterprise


  • Sibirskaya E.V., Efanova E.A. Substance and characteristics integral system of economic processes
  • Ivanov N.I. Improvement of the classification of territorial zones for control of the inter-settlement lands


  • Saksin A.G. The integration approach to management of costs of the enterprises of a petrochemical complex


  • Navoev A.A. Some aspects of income and social product cause-and-effect analysis


  • Kupova M.K., Suslov D.A. Estimation and use reproductional potential of regions


  • Kozlova .., Nechaeve E.V. Analysis efficiency of product portfolio using double factor model

Account problems

  • Predeus N.V. Problems of standardization of rules of conduct of account and control of build products in the countries of the CIS


  • Bagirova A.P. Reproductive orientation of education as the tool of Russia's population reproductive activity motivation
 34(163) - 2009 December


  • Adadimova L.Yu., Polulyach Y.G., Oydup T.M. Study of the effectiveness of tax incentives, consisting of response

Financial analysis

  • Vorobyov A.V. Support financial strategic priorities (on materials of federal State institutions Azov-Don State Basin Department waterways and shipping)
  • Glazunov .I. Systems of algorithms of definition of size of own circulating assets


  • Zhdanchikov P.A. Structural analysis assessing the effectiveness of federal programmes


  • Averina O.I., Mamaeva I.S. Analysis of enterprise financial stability on the principles RSA and IFRS


  • Oleinik E.B., Shmidt V.Y. About rational productive structure of regional forest industrial complex


  • Peskova D.R. Trade secret institutional aspects

Evaluation of business

  • Salmin P.S., Polyaeva O.V. The problems of evaluation of an enterprise (for the Nizhegorodskiy port Inc.)


  • Azarov A.V. Interrelations of the scientific works about the investments and of the gross domestic product of Russia
 35(164) - 2009 December

Economic-mathematical modelling

  • Waysblat B., Misharin S. The economy and mathematical model of substantiation of the crediting sum for financing of the productional investment project


  • Kuznetsov S.I. Analysis perfection of the organizational-technical level of production for the firms with different legal status
  • Derevjago I.P. The structural-branch approach to the ecologo-economic analysis of steady development
  • Krasnov .A., Krasnov .A., Krasnov G.A. Thermodynamics approach to the analysis of costs in conception of working out economic systems development strategy


  • Pshenichnikova M.M., Polushkina I.V. The analysis of population activity of the citizens of a city Method wave reprodinamic

Formation problems

  • Krakovskaya I.N. Investing in University Human Capital: effectiveness evaluations peculiarities


  • Isakova S.A. Financial Reporting International Standard and Audit International Standard application problems in accounting and audit national system of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The financial analysis

  • Kogan A.B. Analysis of ways to compare non-uniformly scaled projects


  • Basangov Yu.M. Methodical bases of an estimation of investment appeal
 36(165) - 2009 December


  • Gadjiev N.G., Daudova Z.A. Accounting and analytical support of costs optimization in electricity companies


  • Borovskaya M.A., Masych M.A. Development of the calculator to evaluate the effectiveness of the investment project for an interactive system of interaction of innovative actors
  • Sabinina A.L., Terehova M.D. Valuation of innovative-creative potential of Russian war industry factories


  • Anohin E.V. Analysis of the development of marketing in unindustrial sphere region (for example, the real estate market Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Shibakov V.G., Shadrova J.V. Perfection of management by marketing of the machine-building enterprise on a basis of the process-task approach


  • Bogatyrev A.V. Annotation of the methodic approaches to the assessment of efficiency of resource saving industries
  • Lyubushkin A.A. Management accounting and analysis of sales in organizations of wholesale trade
  • Yurkova O.N. The efficiency of the productive capacity of agricultural enterprises


  • Gordeychuk E.N. Dynamics of risk-preferences on Russian stock market and its application for trading
  • Kozlova S.B. Analysis of effectiveness of the budget investments in housing and utility complex


  • Nagoev A.B., Tarasov N.A. Specialties of rise of regional economic policy role
  • Kerefov M.A. Strategic Problems of Regional Development


  • Vlasova O.A. The system of value creation in wireless telecommunications: practical aspect

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