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Sergei Filippovich Vikulov

Русская версия

Sergei Filippovich Vikulov

446th Central Research Institute of RF Ministry of Defense

129327 (zip), 10, Chukotskii proezd, Moscow, Russian Federation

  • Doctor of Economic Sciences
  • Full Professor
  • Honored Master of Sciences, Russian Federation
  • Full member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  • Full member of Academy of Military Science, Russian Federation
  • Honorary Member of Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences
  • Honorary Professor of Military Academy of Finance and Economics
  • Honorary Professor of Khroulyov Military Academy of Logistics
  • President, Academy of Military Economics and Finance
  • Editorial Council, National Interests: Priorities and Security

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Area of Expertise

  • Economy of Military Construction
  • Methodology of Military-Economic Analysis

Subjects Taught

  • Military-Economic Analysis


  • Phone: +7 495 989 9610
  • E-mail: sergviculov@yandex.ru