Evgenii Yur'evich Khrustalev

Русская версия

Evgenii Yur'evich Khrustalev

Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS

117418 (zip), 47, Nakhimovskii pr., Moscow, Russian Federation

  • Doctor of Economic Sciences
  • Full Professor
  • Academician, Academy of Military Science, Russian Federation
  • Head of Laboratory, Simulation of Economic Objects Interaction
  • Editorial Сouncil, National Interests: Priorities and Security


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Area of Expertise

  • High-Tech Production
  • Military-Industrial Complex
  • Defense Economy
  • Information Modeling
  • Economic and Mathematical Methods
  • Semantic and Cognitive Technologies
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge Economy

Subjects Taught

  • Mathematical Modeling in Economics


  • Phone: +7 499 724 2568
  • E-mail: stalev@cemi.rssi.ru