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Features of unemployment insurance scheme in Chile

Yakovleva A.V. PhD in Economics, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economics and Finances, Saint-Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering ( )

Journal: Regional Economics: Theory and Pactice, #38, 2011

In 2002 the government of Chile introduced new unemployment insurance legislation. The insurance consists of individual unemployment insurance savings accounts and emergency funds financed by the state. In this article features of the new Chilean unemployment insurance scheme and its applicability in Russia are discussed.

Mechanisms for financing housing and communal services waste processing example of economic activity

Yakovleva I.V. candidate of economic sciences, senior teacher of the department enterprise finances, the Orenburg State University ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #14, 2011

Work presents the mechanism of the financial guarantee of activity of enterprises, occupied in the sphere of processing solid household trash, that includes the cooperation of the organs of authority, suppliers of the resources, the managers of organizations, control center of household trash, contractors, customers, particular investors, financial- credit establishments.

About development of the competitive relations in housing and communal services

Yakovleva I.V. PhD in Economics, senior teacher of department Finance of the Enterprises, Orenburg State University ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #13, 2012

This article describes the experience of Eastern Europe on the development of competitive relations in the housing and utilities complex. Analysis allowed to select the steps in the formation of a competitive environment in the Russian market of housing and communal services. It is concluded that an additional investment effect is the result of the logical completeness of the entire process of reform of the housing and utilities complex and excludes the possibility of changing the sequence of stages of competitive relations.

Potential basis of effective activity of the modern industrial enterprise: place and role of the intellectual potential of staff

Kvasov I.N. PhD in Economics, associate professor of chair the state, municipal management and customs business, Omsk state technical university ( )

Yakovleva E.V. PhD, associate professor of chair of economy and the work organization, Omsk state technical university ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #38, 2011

Proceeding from the modern social and economic conditions defined by transition to innovative economy, the potential basis of effective activity of the modern industrial enterprise is presented. Value of a mental potential of the personnel concerning its influence on the general economic potential of the enterprise is opened.

Global financial crisis in processes of economic cycle

Beketov N.V. doctor of economic sciences, professor, director of the Scientific and Research Project and Economic Institute of Yakutsk State University ( )

Yakovleva N.I. graduate student financial and economic Institute of Yakutsk State University, associate researcher of the research project-economic Institute YASU ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #6, 2010

In article the reasons, the mechanism and consequences of world financial crisis are analyzed. Features of crisis processes in the Russian economy in a context reveal the mirror displays of processes of classical recurrence - behavior of various managing subjects (banks and corporations), state roles in expansion of crisis and overcoming of its consequences. Recommendations about the basic directions of an anti-recessionary policy of the state are offered.

Cost management system perfection using the example of compound feed industry

Yakovleva I.V. Orenburg State University, Orenburg, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Financial Analytics: Science and Experience, #10, 2017

Importance The article deals with the issues of industrial cost management.
Objectives The article aims to propose a methodology of cost management, taking into account the specific activity of feed industry enterprises, in particular, OAO Orenburg Feed Mill.
Methods For the study, I used dialectical and comparative methods.
Results The article identifies the advantages and shortcomings of the current accounting systems and proposes an efficient cost management system of feed industry enterprises. As well, the article proposes the introduction of the combined cost management model AB Kaizen-Costing, involving flexible planning and cost control based on the specified profit and output target values.
Conclusions The establishment of an efficient feed industry cost management system will provide high income, minimize costs, and find reserves for optimization.

Behavioral aspects of the formation of the structure of capital of the company

Oskolkova M.A. Lecturer of department Financial Management, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Perm ( )

Parshakov P.A. Lecturer of department Valuation of Assets, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Perm ( )

Yakovlev A.M. the student of the department of the economy, National research university Higher school of the economy, Perm ( )

Journal: Finance and credit, #12, 2012

In the article is described the evolution of the theories of the formation of the financial architecture of company, and also empirically are checked the theory of information cascades and the theory of the tracking of market, not found clear confirmation on the developed markets. At the analysis of the given Russian and British companies any hypothesis hasn't been recognized by verified or forged. The following hypothesis for the leader has the best explaining ability, however even it is statistically less significant, than the auto- regression chosen in quality benchmark that speaks about necessity of promotion of alternative behavioral theories.

Financial mechanism of the housing and community amenities: elements, methods and tools

Yakovleva I.V. candidate of economic sciences, senior teacher of the department enterprise finances, the Orenburg State University ( )

Journal: Finance and credit, #16, 2011

Under the current conditions in the housing and community amenities market, burdened by the financial crisis consequences, the main purpose of housing and community enterprises is to maintain production output in acute shortage of funding sources. By reason of the industry socioeconomic importance , that is to develop appropriate living standards and household culture quality of the population, the problem of financial mechanism formation of housing and community development is very important and requires scientific explanation. This paper shows the structure of the housing and community amenities financial mechanism and its element-by-element composition with the financial relations methods and tools verification. It was concluded that the financial mechanism of housing sector development is an integral system including not only the narrow scope of the financial resources redistribution, but also the aggregate of monetary relations arising in the housing services production and delivery process.

Development of national innovative system and prospect of technological development of the Russian economy

Beketov N.V. the Doctor of Economics, the professor, the academician of Academy of the humanities, the director of Research design-economic institute of the Yakut state university ( )

Yakovleva N.I. the aspirant of Financial and economic institute, junior research worker of Research design-economic institute of the Yakut state university ( )

Journal: National interests: priorities and security, #28, 2010

Features of formation of national innovative system taking into account development of the innovative infrastructure including formation of a network of technoparks, business incubators, the centers of a transfer of technologies, development of venture and sowing financing Are considered; creation tehniko-vnedrencheskih zones, assistance to development and engineering firms. Questions creation of system of the state support of the new innovative companies at a start stage, creation of the branched out system of insurance of risks of the companies at initial stages of their development are realization of technological investments. Variants of increase of competitiveness of hi-tech branches are offered, to modernization of industrial, design and research potential. The forecast of technological development of the Russian economy is presented.

Enterprise turnaround: the case of the aggregates industry under modern conditions

Yakovleva I.V. Orenburg State University, Orenburg, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #38, 2015

Importance Recently, building an efficient system of enterprise turnaround has become extremely important. Leaders of organizations and managers of different levels must know bankruptcy procedures and be able to assess the financial condition of enterprises based on properly performed financial analysis. Furthermore, it is necessary to perform anti-crisis diagnostics of enterprises to prevent possible bankruptcy, and, in the event of bankruptcy threat, to find possibilities for financial restructuring to renew solvency and achieve reasonable pace of development.
     Objectives The goal of the study is to identify financial instruments for the aggregates industry enterprise turnaround, in particular, on the OOO Gay Diabase Quarry case.
Methods I applied economic methods to analyze various aspects of financial activity in the aggregates industry on the OOO Gay Diabase Quarry case, and to build an efficient system of financial restructuring of the enterprise.
Results I have developed a package of economic measures to achieve a stable financial condition of the aggregates industry and to renew the solvency of OOO Gay Diabase Quarry. The economic effect from the implementation of the offered recommendations will make RUB 18,717,632.
Conclusions The study enables to conclude that in the event of crisis at the enterprise, developing the measures to correct the situation will help generate additional income.

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