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Development of medical industry of Russia as collateral security

Matyushok V.M. doctor of economic sciences, professor, head of economic and mathematical modeling, Russian university of peoples' friendship ( )

Kostina D.V. graduate student of economic and mathematical modeling, Russian university of peoples' friendship ( )

Journal: National interests: priorities and security, #5, 2014

The article reveals the state of the medical industry in Russia, Russian producers and the potential size of the market of medical products, including high-tech. The estimation of the Russian Federation State Program «Development of pharmaceutical and medical industry» for 2013–2020. The necessity of modernization, enhance innovation capacity and the development of innovative industries. The prospects for the sector and its importance to improve the quality of life in Russia.

Global market of brand new information technology and the national interests

Matyushok V.M. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Krasavina V.A. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National interests: priorities and security, #11, 2017

Importance The research systematizes and evaluates an impact of brand new IT on the economic life, since it helps the State and businesses look into the future and consider technologies in strategic planning.
Objectives The research identifies and systematizes brand new information technologies that directly influence the global economy and imply revisiting many approaches to strategic management, business performance, technological processes in the manufacturing sector and reformat business processes. We evaluate the global market of new IT and point out some trends and their effect on economic development.
Methods The research is based on a systems analysis, methods of structural, logic and comparative analysis and economic and statistical methods, econometric analysis and modeling.
Results We identify and systematize new information technologies worldwide and evaluate their maturity. The article also provides an econometric analysis of the global cloud technology market and forecast of the global market’s expenses for cloud technologies up to 2022.
Conclusions and Relevance The brand new ITs we identify and systematize are critical for the economic strategy of the country, and business strategies, effective performance of every business, higher competitiveness nationwide and worldwide.

The model for optimizing the price of export tender offers in power engineering

Matyushok V.M. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Balashova S.A. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Zhukov V.S. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National interests: priorities and security, #2, 2016

Importance Whereas national companies have lost their share in the global and domestic power engineering markets, it is very reasonable to create and implement effective organizational and technological innovation in the sector.
Objectives The research describes the global and domestic power engineering markets as an environment where tender proposals are formed. We also substantiate economic mechanisms for optimizing export tender proposals in the sector, articulating a model to assess an optimal price of export tender proposals.
Methods The research draws upon a system approach, structural, logic, comparative analysis, and economic and mathematical modeling. We conducted and econometric analysis and used panel data to describe the global power engineering market. Price optimization model has been forged with the method of multivariate problems with limitations.
Results The article proposes a mechanism for optimizing tender proposals in power engineering and a model to assess an optimal price of export tender proposal.
Conclusions and Relevance There should be new economic mechanisms to optimize tender proposals in power engineering. The optimization model will allow for optimal pricing of tender proposals, and evaluate the effect of separate pricing factors on the ultimate product. The outcome can be used by specialists of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Russia, power engineering companies operating in the domestic and foreign markets, and for educational purposes.

The tools of government support for exports of power-generating equipment

Matyushok V.M. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Zhukov V.S. Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: National interests: priorities and security, #39, 2014

The authors point out that in the foreign practice, exports crediting and insuring the foreign trade transactions and loans against political, economic and other risks are widely used for the State support of the exports. The specialized entities, export credit agencies (ECA), provide the similar services to promote the national producers. The paper considers that the increased State support is one of the most important directions of the development of the domestic exports of power-generating equipment. The authors identified three stages of the government programs of the exports support in modern Russia. The article shows that in most cases, the budget for crediting the foreign customers or the execution of the early Russian obligations under the exports credit is not being fully performed. Its actual use of the exports support program specifically pertaining to provide the State guarantees to the exporters rarely exceeds one-third of the key performance indicators. The authors point out that in recent years there has been a steady decline in the share of lending to the foreign governments for the development of the power industry, which lowers the demand for the domestic power engineering production. The article deals with the structure and dynamics of the Russian exports of power-generating equipment, and the main problems related to its implementation abroad: weak State support (departure of the actual values from the planned ones), the ineffectiveness of the used instruments of exports support, the low level of the production capacity utilization. The paper provides the basic tools to support the exports of industrial products, which are used in foreign countries, and assesses the Chinese experience of the successful government support for exports of industrial products. The authors substantiate the necessity of improving the tools used by the government departments responsible for implementing the support programs for the export of the Russian national industrial products.

A project-based approach as a method of improving economic efficiency of high-tech industrial enterprises

Matyushok S.V. Russian Goetzpartner, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Fomina A.V. JSC Central Scientific-Research Institute "Electronics", Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Khrustalev E.Yu. Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS, Moscow, Russian Federation ( )

Journal: Economic Analysis: Theory and Practice, #34, 2014

The article investigates the project-based approach capabilities for strategic management and improving productivity, competitiveness and innovation of modern high-tech industrial enterprises. The developing globalization processes in the economy and enhancing competition in both local and global markets have a continuous impact on toughening management quality requirements. Therefore, the ability of enterprises to permanently monitor the practical results of their activities becomes increasingly important. By adapting to the changed environment, the enterprises change their structure and transform into ultra-large transnational corporations, which are engaged in various activities that often are completely unrelated to each other. The management system faces increasingly complicated tasks: in addition to regulation and building functions of one or several similar business units, it is necessary to build communications and functionality in dozens of different business units. The authors note that the modern economic science lacks a clear classification of main approaches to business management. However, sticking to the system approach to management it is possible to distinguish a structural, functional, process, situation and a project-based approach as main approaches to company management. Harmonizing project and process approaches plays an important role for company performance enhancement. The paper formulates three main steps, which are necessary to ensure a balanced combination of process and project activities of a company: developing the structure of company's operating activity; creating mechanisms to implement a process in the form of a project; using mechanisms of unified project implementation. Solutions to many industrial problems lie in the area of strategic project management, which aims at translating a company's strategy into an integrated investment portfolio of projects and programs, as well as managing the solutions of strategic tasks at individual project implementation level. The conditions of uncertainty or incoherence of choice give rise to the issues related to building a system of criteria and assessment to support a viable and balanced portfolio of projects, taking into account organization's strategic goals, investment attractiveness and risks inherent in the projects. Since the late 90's and early 2000's, the majority of international companies have been moving from traditional hierarchy structures to "flat", quick, expeditious and more maneuverable horizontal structures based on teams and projects, which can quickly adapt to rapidly changing markets and technologies. In the final part of the article the authors analyze the success of using the project-based approach by a number of leading international companies.

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